How many letters in the Answer?

Boston Globe Oct 09 2011

'Amanda' band BOSTON
'Avant''s opposite APRES
'Gilligan's Island' ingenue MARYANN
'Let It Be' label APPLE
'Understood' ISEE
'Young Frankenstein' flunky IGOR
39-Down jilted by Aeneas DIDO
5-Across, in Carthage QUEEN
50 Cent style RAP
Advertiser's Yule XMAS
All wound up TENSE
An eye for 24-Down? LENS
Arafat's successor ABBAS
Arm-twisted COERCED
Artificial MANMADE
Astronomer Tycho BRAHE
Bakery freebie ODOR
Be in a funk STEW
Big cheese NABOB
Bilko, familiarly SARGE
Bit of merriment JEST
Boo and hiss JEER
C-3PO's sort DROID
Campus feature QUAD
Camus, by belief ATHEIST
Castle-building material SAND
Championship match FINAL
Chapters in history ERAS
Chinese tourist hot spot MACAO
Club obligation DUES
Combine MELD
Comes to mind OCCURS
Conqueror of Aztecs CORTES
Court order WRIT
Crooning actor Montand YVES
Delivery from a sibyl ORACLE
Diner seating option BOOTH
Disprove REFUTE
Down and out INNEED
Dull songbird? IRONFINCH
Element maker HONDA
Elmer, to Bugs DOC
Engaged a clapper? RANG
Esophagi GULLETS
Faintly praise? DAMN
Feel the pain ACHE
Fielder's booby prize? TINGLOVEAWARD
Fit for growing cacti XERIC
Flattery in verse ODE
Flirted TOYED
From square one ANEW
Gasp and cry SOB
Geek Squad members TECHS
Get rid of OFFLOAD
Gets wind (of) HEARS
Go head over heels ROLL
Go mad with hunger STARVE
Goes on wheels RIDES
Goo-yielding plants ALOES
Govt. labor watchdog OSHA
Grandson of Eve ENOS
Grimm baddie OGRE
Harden SET
Harmonizes JIBES
Has a rightful place BELONGS
Have by dint of OWETO
Highly caustic stuff LYE
Hogwash TRIPE
Houston ballplayer, to fans STRO
Item of regalia ORB
Killer whales ORCAS
Last-place finishers? LEADMEDALISTS
Lesser Bond villain? COPPERFINGER
Lightly fries SAUTES
List-ending abbr ETAL
Lousy retirement gift? NICKELWATCH
Lucy's partner DESI
Make sound CURE
Maker of hard drives HITACHI
Makes a choice OPTS
Malamud's Yakov Bok, e.g FIXER
Mean disposition? HEARTOFZINC
Med. research agcy NIH
Militarily relaxed ATEASE
Moon of Uranus ARIEL
Morsel for an aardvark TERMITE
Moved en masse SWARMED
Muckraker Tarbell IDA
Non-Polynesian HAOLE
Not of this earth ALIEN
On the move ASTIR
One Dionne quint to another SIS
Org. that awards belts WBA
Out of whack WARPED
Ouzo flavoring ANISE
Overjoys ELATES
Oversized plugs HYPES
Pace-pushing runner HARE
Pair plus one TRIO
Passed out DEALT
Passing fancy WHIM
Pet-store reject? ALUMINUMFISH
Pincher of pennies MISER
Pitch HURL
Place to get a Reuben DELI
Poet Dove RITA
Pre-owned USED
Projected works FILMS
Quixotically charge TILTAT
Ratty town of legend HAMELN
Residents of Asgard DEITIES
Safety device GUARD
Sail of a sort JIB
Sitar piece RAGA
Social pariah SCHMO
Software helper WIZARD
Someone else ANOTHER
Spice in curry CUMIN
Spot for a stud LOBE
Statues or sardines GAME
Stay alive EXIST
Surfeit EXCESS
Surrealist Magritte RENE
Taco topper SALSA
Taunt from the stands HECKLE
Thumbs up at sea AYES
Tofu, for one CURD
Turn into gold, maybe? TRANSMUTE
Two-toned treats OREOS
Unfairly influences BIASES
Unoccupied VACANT
Vega's spectral type CLASSA
Was familiar with KNEW
Watering holes OASES
Wheel with teeth GEAR
Where tolls may be taken EXIT
Winged archer EROS
Worthiness MERIT
Yoga accessory MAT
__ -miss (spotty) HITOR
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