How many letters in the Answer?

Boston Globe Nov 14 2010

'54-40 or fight' candidate POLK
'Cheers' setting BAR
'Columbia, the __ the Ocean' GEMOF
'Family Guy' mom LOIS
'M*A*S*H' cast member FARR
'Our Lips Are Sealed' band GOGOS
'Star Wars' queen AMIDALA
'The 5,000 Fingers of __' DRT
'__ ben Adhem' ABOU
100ths of a euro (abbr.) CTS
101-digit number GOOGOL
1598 edict city NANTES
1880s D.C. monogram CAA
1944 battle site STLO
1963 song, '__ Fine' HESSO
2007 movie with the ad line 'Never pick up strangers' THEHITCHER
2010 Jolie title role SALT
320 __ = 1 mile RODS
Aachen article EIN
According to ASPER
Actress Knightley KEIRA
Advantage EDGE
Algebra-theory eponym GALOIS
Anita of jazz fame ODAY
Anna Nicole and Anna Deveare SMITHS
Any of three infielders BASEMAN
Applause HAND
Arabic 'A' ALIF
Aries RAM
Aussie six-footer EMU
Beat with a beat? OUTSANG
Bigfoot's cousin YETI
Break bread DINE
Breakwaters JETTIES
Bristol's baby-daddy LEVI
Brood chamber, zoologically OVICELL
Bug specialists? SPIES
Call-day link ITA
Cascade Range peak MTADAMS
CBS News staffer who narrated 'Horton Hears a Who!' OSGOOD
Clearly defined RAZORSHARP
Composer Satie ERIK
Condemns publicly DENOUNCES
Cookbook compiler Rombauer IRMA
Couturier Hardy AMIES
Cracker spread PATE
Crooner fired in 1953 on live TV LAROSA
Disney Channel actress Brenda SONG
Does with enjoyment LIKESTO
Doodler's prop SCRATCHPAD
Drudgery TOIL
Eagle's descent SWOOP
Either of two 'Monopoly' sqs. UTIL
End of quote, and its author ITSINTOLERABILITYPOE
Exorbitant HIGH
Expedition SAFARI
Family card game UNO
Fas' neighbors MIS
Femur-pelvis connections HIPJOINTS
Film director Nicolas ROEG
Fish, to Francois POISSON
Fresh NEW
Freshly painted WET
Geological suffix ZOIC
German river EDER
Greet the villain HISS
Hallucinogen MINDBENDER
Hearing-related AURAL
Hinge (on) RELY
His work may have strings attached PUPPETEER
Illustrations ART
Indecent DIRTY
Indian sovereignty RAJ
Jerry Maguire's ilk AGENTS
King's soldier, maybe PAWN
Less extroverted SHIER
Like __ from the blue ABOLT
Low-quality (var.) SHLOCK
Make a promotional tour BARNSTORM
March Madness org. NCAA
Mayberry moppet OPIE
Med. sch. subject ANAT
MGM motto start ARS
Minor protection org. SPCC
Montana player MILEYCYRUS
Most NPR stations FMS
Mountainside homes AERIES
MTV-created boy band OTOWN
Multivitamin product GERITOL
Negative particle ANION
Neur. readout EEG
Obey reveille RISE
One of the Dionne Quintuplets EMILIE
Opposite of 'bueno' MALO
Overly ornate ROCOCO
Part 2 of quote PUNISIN
Part 3 of quote THEDIRECT
Part 4 of quote RATIOOF
PG-13 issuer (abbr.) MPAA
Quart quartet CUPS
Red Sox legend JIMRICE
Riyadh resident SAUDI
SAG president, 1981-85 EDASNER
Sagan or Sandburg CARL
Scotland Yard div. CID
Sharpener STROP
Simple card game WAR
Sloth's cousin ARMADILLO
Sporty Camaros IROCS
Squelches SITSON
Storm center EYE
Supermodel Carré OTIS
Surpass TOP
Teatime, on a sundial IIII
They may run as you walk NYLONS
They'll lower the boom SILENCERS
Thoughtlessness? COMA
U.K. flyers RAF
Union members STATES
Very soon INABIT
Viagra competitor CIALIS
Where to stand and deliver? PODIUM
Writer Wiesel ELIE
Yule quaff EGGNOG
__ cruse (inexhaustible supply) WIDOWS
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