How many letters in the Answer?

Boston Globe Nov 07 2010

'All in the Family' spin-off MAUDE
'Asteroids' game maker ATARI
'Be off with you!' SHOO
'But,' in Barcelona PERO
'Charly' lab mouse ALGERNON
'Heat of the Moment' band ASIA
'Kind of' add-on ISH
'Nonsense!' POOH
'Seascape' dramatist ALBEE
'The Time Machine' folk ELOI
'Treasure Island' chant YOHOHO
'Yes __ Bob' SIREE
Academic hurdle FINAL
Ancient art cave LASCAUX
Art studio ATELIER
Arthur of 101 Across BEA
Arthurian paradise AVALON
Attend GOTO
Band site, maybe WRIST
Battery terminal ANODE
Bear, in Baja OSO
Best of all worlds UTOPIA
Birdy comb. form AVI
Blobby 'Star Wars' baddie JABBA
Bottled water brand EVIAN
Boxing biopic ALI
Bryce Canyon spire HOODOO
Budding artist's medium CRAYON
Butt of many a joke MORON
Bygone powdered drink POSTUM
Campaigns RUNS
Canned fruit company DELMONTE
Cash in REDEEM
Checkmarked XEDIN
ChichÈn __ (Mayan city) ITZA
Citgo competitor HESS
Claim in a suit HARM
Coalition BLOC
Columbus's birthplace GENOA
Compost container BIN
Confucian 'way' TAO
Conquers DEFEATS
Considerably QUITE
Corporate honcho EXEC
Crazy card? EIGHT
Crimson rival ELI
Cry like a baby BAWL
Curser of Canaan NOAH
Darling PET
Daytime dramas SOAPS
Diarist Nin ANAIS
Digital weapon? TALON
Digs for pigs STIES
Dim-bulbed sort DOLT
Discount reason BLEMISH
Early tea time TWOPM
Eggs in Aix OEUFS
Eve with an Obie ENSLER
Fab Four hit of 1964 LOVEMEDO
Facilities TOILETS
Fit to serve ONEA
Florida horse country hub OCALA
Foot feature ARCH
Genie homes LAMPS
Ginseng-like veggie UDO
Gives, as homework ASSIGNS
Glass-cleaning brand WINDEX
Good to go AOK
Got thrown for a loop REELED
Griffin's pen pal in fiction SABINE
Hail, to Horatio AVE
Hawaiian-born POTUS OBAMA
Hebridean isle MULL
Hidden in the hand PALMED
Imperfections WARTS
In the dark UNLIT
Little yank TUG
Long and lean LANK
Lots, as of trouble AHEAP
Lyon waterway SAONE
Manhattan merchant SAKS
Mark of humor writing TWAIN
Meter-candle's equivalent LUX
Monokini designer Gernreich RUDI
Old Ritz rival HIHO
Order to relax ATEASE
Own up to ADMIT
Pacifist Helen KELLER
Pair, in Paris DEUX
Palm smartphone TREO
Part 3 of quip YOUUSE
Part 5 of quip PEOPLE
Pavlovian secretion SALIVA
Persona __ grata NON
Photo-taking chances OPS
Profound DEEP
Promising ROSY
Quill points PENNIBS
Quilting klatsches BEES
Rain catcher, maybe BARREL
Rapper Tone __ LOC
Red-coated cheese EDAM
Reddish wild cat EYRA
Ricelike pastas ORZOS
Rueful-sounding dress SARI
San Diego State team AZTECS
Scacchi of filmdom GRETA
Sense of taste PALATE
Site for a gargoyle EAVE
Smack dab SPANG
Sol. ANS
Some classic Fords MODELAS
Sophs. no more JRS
Spine or hogback RIDGE
Split for sharing DIVVY
Start of a quip by 113 Across CHANNELINGIS
Starts to shed light DAWNS
Successes WINS
Sun Devils sch. ASU
Swab on a stick QTIP
Swiss currency FRANC
Tabby intoxicant CATNIP
Teller's talkative partner PENNJILLETTE
Text on jackets BLURBS
Thumbs up AYE
Tome of a tale EPIC
Tow, to toe HOMONYM
Tra or fa followers LALA
Trainee INTERN
Tread STEP
Underwire, maybe BRA
Wall St. launches IPOS
Water source TAP
Well-advised PRUDENT
Wharf QUAY
Woodshop tools ADZES
Worried SCARED
Writer Deighton LEN
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