How many letters in the Answer?

Boston Globe May 18 2008

'Cheers' role for Rhea CARLA
'Get Smart' evil org. KAOS
1040 IDs SSNS
2007 A.L. MVP AROD
Academic expert SCHOLAR
Annoy no end RANKLE
Anti-art DADA
Arctophile’s collection TEDDYBEARS
Arizona tribe HOPI
Asteroid orbited in 2000 EROS
Attractive young guy ADONIS
Backpacker’s joy HIKING
Bee follower CEE
Begin successor SHAMIR
Best, at the skatepark ILLEST
Big Bend’s state TEXAS
Brandophilist’s collection CIGARBANDS
Brother, in Brest FRERE
Buddy who played Barnaby Jones EBSEN
Button for taping REC
Cafeteria coffeepot URN
Call to action DOIT
Campus rectangle QUAD
Car-rental company AVIS
Carreras or Canseco JOSE
Celebrity chef on TV EMERIL
Civil War side UNION
Colosseum crowd ROMANS
Conchologist’s collection SEASHELLS
Condé of publishing NAST
Copoclephilist’s collection KEYRINGS
Country singer Twain SHANIA
CPR specialist EMT
Cyclist or equestrian RIDER
Deltiologist’s collection POSTCARDS
Dictionary entry LEXEME
Digitabulist’s collection THIMBLES
Distinctive designs EMBLEMS
Donovan’s daughter IONE
Enamelware TOLE
Epsilon follower ZETA
Esther of Good Times ROLLE
Ethan and Joel of film COENS
Fan, and then some MANIAC
Fireplace floors HEARTHS
Frequent campaigner Harold STASSEN
Friend of d’Artagnan ARAMIS
Garden-grown seasonings HERBS
Gets together MEETS
Gloomy or stern DOUR
Go hungry FAST
Go with the flow ADAPT
Go __ (rave) GAGA
Hamlet extras? DANES
Helixophile’s collection CORKSCREWS
Holography tools LASERS
Home-furnishings giant IKEA
Hot, cheesy sandwiches MELTS
Hush Puppies hound BASSET
Identifying feature SCAR
Impulse URGE
In x ÷ y, y DIVISOR
Inanimate sort of pet CHIA
Item for an oologist EGG
Jester’s outfit MOTLEY
Kin of sockeyes COHOS
King toppers ACES
Lands’ End alternative JCREW
Laundromat lather SUDS
Leave port SAIL
Lichen component ALGA
Mata __ of spydom HARI
Mazda roadster MIATA
Memorization ROTE
Motorola flip phone RAZR
Ms. in Marseilles MLLE
Mythical mother of Helen LEDA
New World parrot MACAW
Not so verbose TERSER
Oil-rich peninsula ARABIA
One who’s observant NOTER
Online addresses URLS
O’Connor’s replacement ALITO
Pacesetter HARE
Pakistani language URDU
Pale gray ASHY
Pals in the ’hood DAWGS
Phillumenist’s collection MATCHBOXES
Photons, e.g. QUANTA
Pink-slip dispenser AXER
Place at the table SEAT
Place to dissect frogs BIOLAB
Playground retort AMTOO
Poker option STUD
Printed transmissions FAXES
Prolific Capp critter SHMOO
Promise to pay IOU
Rainbow-like shapes ARCS
Rat-race result STRESS
Ready for harvest RIPE
Regular on the lifts SKIBUM
Relinquish CEDE
Renée of 'The Big Parade' ADOREE
Reserve wine CUVEE
Rows in public SCENES
S-shaped molding OGEE
Showing more neglect DUSTIER
Singer Lopez TRINI
Some flat-panel TVs PLASMAS
Sound from a pager BEEP
Soviet labor camp GULAG
Spanish caudillo FRANCO
Speed skater Ohno APOLO
Spots SEES
Stoutly built HUSKY
Stuff used in plastics STYRENE
Sucrologist’s collection SUGARPACKETS
Summers on the Seine ETES
Surpassed OUTDID
Talks too much GASES
Tater SPUD
Tegestologist’s collection BEERCOASTERS
Throws in ADDS
Timeline divisions ERAS
Two of a kind PAIR
Type of quartz AGATE
Tyrosemiophile’s collection CAMEMBERTCHEESELABELS
Underground explorer CAVER
Upper Elbe area SAXE
Vancouver hockey player CANUCK
Wants in the worst way THIRSTS
What a bear may bare FANGS
Whilom ERST
Whistle-blower REF
__ Hill of hip-hop DRU
“Rumor has it … ” IHEAR
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