How many letters in the Answer?

Boston Globe Jun 28 2009

'Able was __...' IERE
'Beloved' actress Richards BEAH
'Casablanca' pianist SAM
'Cosby kid' Lisa BONET
'Entourage' role ARI
'For __ be Queen o' the May,...' IMTO
'I __ when that happens!' HATEIT
'MacArthur Park' penner WEBB
'Misery' Oscar winner KATHYBATES
'Oh, __ little faith' YEOF
'Sturm-Drang' link UND
'Trompe __' LOEIL
1 See 26 Down ALAI
1939 Loretta Young movie ETERNALLYYOURS
1960 Everlys hit SOSAD
50-year-old stunner BARBIE
Actor Jared LETO
Altoids alternative CERTS
Anti-wrinkle process PERMANENTPRESS
Ares's realm WAR
Asian occasion TET
Astronomer Tycho BRAHE
Autograph (abbr.) SIG
Bach's 'Partita __ Minor' INE
Be an angel? INVEST
Big sign in Times Square TKTS
Blubber CRY
Book after Lam. EZEK
Booty LOOT
Business mag INC
Cable-guide abbr. SHO
Camera feature ZOOM
Catarrh symptom HACK
Champion's prize CUP
Claiborne of fashion LIZ
CNN alumnus Bernard SHAW
Commandment word NOT
Common rhyme scheme AABB
Competes VIES
Comportment MIEN
Czech martyr executed in 1415 JANHUS
Demolition supplies TNTS
Diminutive suffix ULE
Dollar rival AVIS
Dundee denials NAES
Ecstasy BLISS
Election Day, for ex. TUE
Em, for one AUNTIE
Examine VET
Foot-related PODAL
Ford contemporary OLDS
Frost-laden RIMY
Ga. neighbor ALA
Game that uses a rope CLUE
Glazier's sheet PANE
Go well together MESH
Grand THOU
H look-alike ETA
Hearty quaff ALE
Italian wine area ASTI
Junk-mail recipients RESIDENTS
Kansas City school AVILA
Kimono closer OBI
Kreskin's claim ESP
Ladies and gentlemen BIPEDS
Larter of 'Heroes' ALI
Last bit in the bottle HEELTAP
Last Supper attendee JAMES
Last word of 'The Farmer in the Dell' ALONE
Looped handle ANSA
Lover boy ROMEO
Luke's sister LEIA
Lunar program APOLLO
Lustrous black JET
Meanders TWINES
Met expectations? OPERAS
MGM motto word ARS
Mid-March celebrants IRISH
Midafternoon III
Moment SEC
Monday-morning quarterbacking HINDSIGHT
Muffin ingredient BRAN
Narrow waterways STRAITS
Nashville-style music OPRY
Novelist Wister OWEN
Now or never? ADVERB
One-kind joiner OFA
Online biz that failed fast DOTBOMB
Out of vogue OLD
Over (prefix) EPI
Overshoe GALOSH
People might dispense with it PEZ
Perry Mason's creator's monogram ESG
Plymouth colonists' ally SQUANTO
Potpie ingredients PEAS
Prepare pasta BOIL
Pulverizes MASHESUP
Put on a pedestal LIONIZE
Rainier's longtime in-laws KELLYS
Release LETGO
Rids of rind PARES
River of Sonora YAQUI
River-borne cargo, perhaps BOATFUL
Rope fiber SISAL
Ross/Richie duet ENDLESSLOVE
Scientific impossibility? PERPETUALMOTION
Seals' org. USN
Seeks restitution SUES
Session participant MEETER
Sheltered ALEE
Simile center ASA
Smidgen IOTA
Some Hondas CRVS
Soup scoop LADLE
Spring wind? COIL
Strengthen ANNEAL
Sushi-bar offering EEL
Tailors, maybe SEWS
Take back to the impound lot RETOW
Tangle SNARL
Things on rings KEYS
Toy (with) DALLY
Transferred goods, as per a 1941 act LENDLEASED
Troubles ILLS
Twistable treat OREO
U.K. award OBE
Unhinged MAD
Victory site for Gen. Washington TRENTONNJ
W.W.II machine gun BREN
Walletful WAD
Wild and crazy ZANY
With 1 Across, fronton sport JAI
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