How many letters in the Answer?

Boston Globe Jul 31 2011

''Course!' NATCH
'Act, already!' DOIT
'Agua' source RIO
'Groovy, man!' FAROUT
'Hush up!' CANIT
'Pal' or 'sport' KIDDO
'Rhapsody __' INBLUE
'You're not kidding' IKNOW
'__ Lazy River' UPA
1975 Wimbledon champ ASHE
A bed to lay in? NEST
A Superman player REEVE
Abacus from New Delhi? INDIANSUMMER
Ad follower HOC
Any old anesthetic? RANDOMNUMBER
Based on __ story ATRUE
Be a stinker REEK
Be ready for AWAIT
Beatles' '__ Tired' IMSO
Before, bardically ERE
Blonde Muppet BETTYLOU
Bowled over AWED
Bridges in movies BEAU
Brown expletive RATS
Bruin Phil, to fans ESPO
Bumstead's boss in 'Blondie' MRDITHERS
Caesar's bad date IDES
Cell's '3' letters DEF
Cheat sheet CRIB
Coup __ DETAT
Cup in a 'cafe' TASSE
December mall figures SANTAS
Decline to raise PASS
Div. of the Bosox ALEAST
Doer of 'two' Irish dances? DOUBLEJIGGER
Draft pick? BEER
Drain away EBB
Drive lower? STEER
E for Einstein ENERGY
End notes? CODA
Enter with care EASEIN
Ex-footballer Alex KARRAS
Fabrics, bedding, etc. SOFTGOODS
Fast-food chain DENNYS
Film clip, e.g. VISUAL
Fiver change ONES
Flow around a plane AIRSTREAM
Force user? JEDI
Gen-__ XER
German coal valley RUHR
Gold Glover Scott ROLEN
Got carried away? RODE
Guy who scams you while giving you a lift? CONNINGTOWER
Hair dye option BRUNETTE
Helical conductor SOLENOID
Hodgepodge OLIO
Home spun? WEB
In a brilliant fashion RADIANTLY
In time for the worm? EARLY
Jazzed state? UTAH
Keaton-Garr flick MRMOM
Krazy __ KAT
Lack of transparency OPACITY
Landlord who keeps mum? SILENTLETTER
Laurie of 'Roseanne' METCALF
Lay groundwork for FOUND
Layered do SHAG
Least gifted sketch artist in class? BOTTOMDRAWER
Leno announcer Hall EDD
Looking downright villainous SNEERING
Love of Luigi AMORE
Lyric after 'baba' DABA
Lyricist in a Loewe key? LERNER
Major account SAGA
Make like a ham EMOTE
Melting pot CRUCIBLE
Met fare OPERA
Minimalist's more LESS
Moisten anew REWET
Musician's Muse EUTERPE
Newsgroup entries POSTS
Not standard ABNORMAL
Nutritionist Davis ADELLE
Octet + sestet SONNET
Old Boston family CABOT
Old Oldsmobile compact ALERO
One blind to refuse? LITTERER
One out of the can? EXCON
One pointing out a shooting star? METEORSHOWER
One whose wife was a pillar of the community? LOT
Openings in Vegas SLOTS
Papelbon stat ERA
Pearl's mother? NACRE
Personal bearing PRESENCE
Place for a clapper BELL
Pre-Ph.D. tests GRES
Primed for action SET
Raiser of Cain EVE
Reaches, as a summit ATTAINS
Reggae star Peter TOSH
Richard of Rambo films CRENNA
Road shoulder BERM
Run without moving IDLE
Sandinista leader ORTEGA
Seen and named IDED
Seine views ILES
Shabby, as an excuse POOR
Shampoo brand PRELL
Shy people? OWERS
Snappish CURT
Some sealers ALEUTS
Souvenir stock TSHIRTS
Spanish pronoun ELLO
Spar climbers TARS
Stream in the Gobi? DESERTFLOWER
Subway line of NYC IRT
Support staff? CANE
Tearjerking SAD
Tennyson's Enoch ARDEN
The Hoyle thing? RULE
The mind's I? EGO
Toaster? SALUTER
Tolkien monster ORC
Trail mix bit NUT
Traveling bag VALISE
Try to unload SELL
Ukraine region CRIMEA
Very, as a starter ULTRA
Virginia pol Chuck ROBB
Volatile solvent ACETAL
Wearing a rack ANTLERED
Went out DIED
What some cacti seem TREELIKE
What's past 'due'? TRE
Wild goings-on ORGIES
Zoologist's eggs OVA
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