How many letters in the Answer?

Boston Globe Jul 27 2008

Approaches NEARS
Art Deco designer ERTE
Bakery offerings PIES
Beer barrels KEGS
Bird feeder block SUET
Bird food processor CRAW
Blighter BLOKE
Box-score Indians CLE
Breed of horse ARAB
Cambridge campus MIT
Cease-fire TRUCE
Challenge in a way IMPUGN
Citadel student CADET
Classifies SORTS
Cohen’s mockumentary BORAT
Cohort of Galahad BORS
Cologne by Dana TABU
Common title start THE
Conferees’ labels IDTAGS
Cookbook author Joyce CHEN
Cook’s quarters KITCHEN
Corp. heads CEOS
Crank-started car MODELT
Crumble ERODE
Dallas matriarch ELLIE
Dazed and confused OUTOFIT
Did, once USEDTO
Dinesen’s real name BLIXEN
DINK attribute NOKIDS
Director Walsh RAOUL
DIY home theater mag? SELFWIREDTVGUIDE
Doesn’t sleep well TOSSES
Easy shot LAYUP
Enjoyed success MADEIT
Entrepreneur’s deg. MBA
Facial treatment PEEL
Fan, and then some MANIAC
Fighter at Troy AENEAS
First Family in 1849 TAYLORS
Fit to be tried? SANE
Flat-pack furniture store IKEA
Fork-tailed flyer TERN
Form of fencing EPEE
From this moment on ASOFNOW
From __ (one step) ATOB
Funds, as a school ENDOWS
Ganja SESS
God of the winds AEOLUS
Good, in Germany GUTEN
Governor’s domain STATE
Greece, to Romans ACHAEA
Half a score TEN
High peak in Alaska DENALI
Hoops players CAGERS
Howdies HIS
Inner circle CADRE
Jab and cross, e.g. ONETWO
Kin of Anon. UNK
Large handbag TOTE
Least gregarious SHIEST
Let in ADMIT
Like a dilettante ARTY
Logical beginning? IDEO
Loot playwright ORTON
LP features GROOVES
Mag for Big Apple escapees? OUTSIDENEWYORK
Mag for dismal duffers? DOWNBEATGOLF
Mag for stepchildren? SEVENTEENPARENTS
Man with a manor LORD
Masthead title EDITOR
Matchmakers’ mag? BRIDESCOUTING
Meandering AIMLESS
Meat-curing agent NITRITE
Mel the slugger OTT
Misers’ monthly? MONEYMADPEOPLE
Monotonous lyrics? LALALA
More than enough AMPLE
Move through muck SLOG
Nigerian hub LAGOS
Nobel poet Nelly SACHS
Number-match game BEANO
Old Iverson identity SIXER
Oliver! baddie Bill SIKES
Optimal option BESTBET
Otically equipped EARED
Payment proxy IOU
Peanut butter brand SKIPPY
Perfect places EDENS
Personal flight mag? JETBACKPACKER
Poet __ Maria Rilke RAINER
Profligate ROUE
Prop for Satchmo MUTE
Quayle debater in 1988 BENTSEN
Queen of scat ELLA
Quiché speaker MAYAN
Receive as a guest SEEIN
Regatta member BOAT
Removes, as a CD EJECTS
Ridge for climbers ARETE
River of Somerset EXE
Robert Pirsig book LILA
Rock used in walls SCHIST
Roof-repair journal? CRACKEDSLATE
Royal Bavarian name LUDWIG
Sabra’s native land ISRAEL
Salad dressing type RANCH
Seafood stew PAELLA
Shaped like an egg OOID
Shortened, as a dict. ABR
Signal to pull over SIREN
Skatepark feature RAMP
Songwriter Jones ISHAM
Sox, Yanks, et al. ALERS
Spaceship chamber AIRLOCK
Spy novelist Alistair MACLEAN
Take shears to LOP
Teeny WEE
The king, in Cannes LEROI
Thoth’s sacred birds IBISES
Thumbs up AOKAY
Translates, as a film DUBS
Turn it up __ ANOTCH
Turn topsy-turvy UPEND
Usher to a new spot RESEAT
Vassal of 49 Across DUC
Video game “__ Flux” AEON
VJ employer MTV
Voice mail sound BEEP
Work at the Met OPERA
Zenith APEX
__ Lingus AER
__Sweet (aspartame) NUTRA
“To” on a fax ATTN
“__ Work It Out” WECAN
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