How many letters in the Answer?

Boston Globe Feb 19 2012

'...and to __ good-night!' ALLA
'Arabian Nights' flyer ROC
'I could __ horse!' EATA
'Jeopardy!' juggernaut Jennings KEN
'Leading With My Chin' author LENO
'Queen of Christian Pop' AMYGRANT
'Roll your Rs, honey!' TRILLBABYTRILL
...often used on this SALAMI
1947 film about Feds TMEN
90-Across's city AGRA
Accelerator GAS
Al Jaffee employer MAD
Alter the packaging RECASE
Anti-stick spray PAM
Aquarium fish TETRA
Assoc ORG
Auction action BID
Be a go-between MEDIATE
Bettor's letters IOU
Betty's 'Hot in Cleveland' role ELKA
Birth anncmnt. datum LBS
Black tea variety BOHEA
Breathalyzer failure (abbr.) DUI
British Columbia's longest river FRASER
Bruins, e.g ICEMEN
Buddhists' sacred peak OMEI
Bus. monthly INC
Cab alternative ZIN
Caused ennui through excess CLOYED
Cereal used in snack mix CHEX
Charlemagne, for ex EMP
Common noun suffix URE
Composed SERENE
Compressed video-file format MPEG
Counterpart of 1-Across STAMEN
Crash sites? INNS
Cuspidor sound, in cartoons PTUI
Debarking site for couples ARARAT
Deli machine.. SLICER
Doesn't give enough SCANTS
Ear borrower? ANTONY
Edifying SAVORY
Elite Navy group SEALS
FedEx, perhaps SHIP
Fertility analysis SOILTEST
Flo Rida's genre RAP
Fly-by-night type? OWL
Form a link between babies? CONNECTTHETOTS
Fowl pole ROOST
French-Belgian river LYS
Gallon : quart :: bushel : __ PECK
Get just right NAIL
Giga-year EON
Ginormous quantity ZILLION
Graffiti artist undercover? CLOAKANDTAGGER
Grafton's '__ for Ricochet' RIS
Greaseless NONOILY
Have a bawl CRY
Having four flats and no spare? INTIRESTRAITS
Hayseeds RUBES
Head Stone MICK
Here and there APART
Historic time ERA
Hosp. scan MRI
Hot tub SPA
Immigrant's subj ESL
Isolated ENISLED
It's past 'due' TRE
Jacques of French comedy TATI
Jazz piano style STRIDE
Layer TIER
Like crepe paper CRINKLED
Lobster coral, e.g ROE
Lola's workplace, in song COPA
Magnon lead-in CRO
Make ornate FANCIFY
Mideast moguls AMEERS
Millions of grams TONNES
Motorcycle passenger's support SISSYBAR
Nervous dwellers? TENSEPOPULATION
Nickelodeon's explorer DORA
No less YET
Nordegren's ex WOODS
Objective END
One who's up for a game? HITTER
Onetime Saddam aide TARIQ
Pats' stats YDS
Paychecks INCOME
Pickle portion SPEAR
Piehole BAZOO
Pigs' digs STY
Pink-slip CAN
Pop artist whose stage name uses a dollar sign KESHA
Positions STEADS
Pound sound ARF
Preceding ERE
Predawn EARLY
Preps for a rainy day SAVESUP
Prestwick pattern PLAID
Recreation SPORT
Remained unused SAT
Reunion group ALUMNI
Royal Dutch Airlines KLM
Screw up ERR
See 109-Down BETCHA
See somebody? POPE
Semicircular sitting rooms of old EXEDRAE
Shah who built the Taj Mahal JAHAN
Shortest of the 12 (Abbr.) FEB
Sleep (prefix) SOMNI
Smartphones, e.g PDAS
Son of, to Saudis IBN
Spreading wide AFLARE
Spring winds? SPIRALS
Sternward AFT
Subaru subcompacts JUSTYS
Suit that trumps all others? CEO
Tarzan's version of a seat belt? TYINGONTHEVINE
There's a stigma to it PISTIL
They take the cake OVENS
Threaded FILAR
Took out of context? ERASED
Transp. regulator, 1887-1995 ICC
Tries one's beeper again REPAGES
Twist at the end, maybe IRONY
Union representative? YANKEE
Vincent Van Gogh's brother THEO
Vintners' valley NAPA
Weeder's need HOE
What queued dominoes demonstrate? TOPPLEREFFECT
Wheedle COAX
White House monogram HST
With 13-Across, Palin imitator's phrase YOU
Wood sorrel OXALIS
Wood-shaping tool ADZ
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