How many letters in the Answer?

Boston Globe Feb 14 2010

'Box' playwright ALBEE
'Mad Money' airer CNBC
'Vox __' POPULI
'Watch it!' BEWARE
1983's 'Max __ Returns' DUGAN
A way to the top TBAR
Angel beside Liu DIAZ
Apply, as salve RUBON
Approval shower SEAL
Author Silverstein SHEL
Bar to covet INGOT
Baroness Blixen KAREN
Bay State's official tree ELM
Be generous GIVE
Beetles as a verb JUTS
Bellow in a library SAUL
Black and white barker DALMATIAN
Black and white bite OREO
Black and white bouncer SOCCERBALL
Black and white climber GIANTPANDA
Black and white show SILENTMOVIE
Book in Spanish LIBRO
Boy in an Irish song DANNY
Cannonball sound SPLASH
Caruso standard OSOLEMIO
Cash-yielding plastic ATMCARDS
Comfortably off WELLTODO
Concern of SALT ICBM
Criminal den LAIR
DDE concern ETO
Effects of riddling HOLES
Elevator handle? OTIS
Emerald Isle EIRE
Eros, Romanized AMOR
Eve's third kid SETH
FDR's pup FALA
Feature in black and white, doubly CROSSWORDINANEWSPAPER
Fenway's Petrocelli RICO
Fiddlehead, e.g. FERN
Figure in black and white SILHOUETTE
Fleck of music BELA
Flown the coop GONE
Footman or toady LACKEY
Found least often RAREST
Frat pack makeup MALES
Future seed OVULE
Get all misty FOGUP
Ghana's capital ACCRA
Goolagong rival EVERT
Gucci of design ALDO
Happening EVENT
Hit the slopes SKIED
Ho-hum BLAH
Home run, slangily TATER
Homeys BROS
Hunt in Hollywood LINDA
Ill-gotten gain LOOT
In days of yore ONCE
In the hold BELOW
In unison ASONE
Influence on Hume LOCKE
Jason or E. Power BIGGS
Keep going 'Why me?' WHINE
Kicking partner? ALIVE
Killer in black and white ORCA
Kind of skirt HOOP
Knock from office DEPOSE
Lacking slack TAUT
Latino 'Look!' MIRA
Lend a hue to TINT
Lightly locked? BLONDE
Like a lit lamp AGLOW
Like housecats TAME
Like one ODD
Lille's little PEU
Lower in black and white HOLSTEINCOW
Lyric tenor Bocelli ANDREA
Makes like Kanye RAPS
Mount in black and white APPALOOSA
Name of a hot wind SANTAANA
No great trove AFEW
Norway's king until 1991 OLAV
Old gas name ESSO
One's inner self ANIMA
Outgoing channel TAILRACE
Owen of 'Sin City' CLIVE
Pac-10 school UCLA
Pal of Mickey GOOFY
Parachute part CORD
Pass out ALLOT
Pet-food brand IAMS
Pieman's wares TARTS
Pierce portrayer ALDA
Pinguid FAT
Place for a pin LAPEL
Player of Neo KEANU
Pre-euro unit LIRA
Prefix on hertz GIGA
Put another way RESAY
Put the brakes on RETARD
Rather, informally SORTA
Ready to be drawn ONTAP
Run-of-the-mill USUAL
Runs staying still REVS
Sandwich supplier DELI
Scene shielder DRAPE
Scheme eponym PONZI
Scots tops TAMS
Sicilian smoker ETNA
Six-footer? ANT
Skeletal deposit CORAL
Slam offering POEM
Some Canadians INUIT
Something bad to run FEVER
Soul singer Thomas IRMA
South African pen KRAAL
Spot for a roast OVEN
Spouting flames AFIRE
Steer, as one's way WEND
Storm center EYE
Tea-exporting state ASSAM
The dark side EVIL
Third rock out EARTH
Tony-toting Tommy TUNE
Trunk you're packing AORTA
Unrefined cargo CRUDE
Villain of a piece BADGUY
Wail that warns ALARM
Waver in black and white JOLLYROGER
WBA decisions TKOS
Wet-clay handfuls GLOBS
Wharton degs. MBAS
Where troglodytes feel at home CAVES
Where unread mail sits INBASKET
Will, Biblically SHALT
Woeful wail ALAS
Woody's progeny ARLO
Zero's appearance OVAL
Zola of letters EMILE
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