How many letters in the Answer?

Boston Globe Dec 14 2008

'Ask ___ questions...' MENO
'Everything's fine!' IMOKAY
'How dry ___' IAM
'New Age' tunes, e.g. MOODMUSIC
'That smarts!' YEOW
'We got trouble!' OHOH
'___ math' DOTHE
'___ miracle!' ITSA
*1983 Dan Aykroyd role DOCTORDETROIT
*Black and tan, e.g. FLESHTONES
*Fake one's demise PLAYPOSSUM
*Snooze for a Type A POWERNAP
*Sociologist's study RACERELATIONS
*Stiletto holder SHOETREE
*Winter coverup BLANKETOFSNOW
1999 hurricane IRENE
56K devices MODEMS
Actress Braga SONIA
Advantages PROS
African river UBANGI
Algerian pop music RAI
Allman Brothers album ___ Peach EATA
Anne Bancroft flick FATSO
Arrives at GETSTO
Attention-getting cry MEME
Author Wiesel ELIE
Barn topper VANE
Bat on The Munsters IGOR
Be a bad winner GLOAT
Beginnings ONSETS
Belief TENET
Biologist's subj. RNA
Bolt holder TNUT
Bothers PESTS
Bread bag closers TWISTTIES
Bread for the waiter? TIP
Brief encounter? MTG
Bums around IDLES
Caboose's place REAR
Cajun veggie OKRA
Calendar abbr. MON
Cat's call MEOW
Catholic cleric DEACON
CD alternative TNOTE
Chagall piece MURAL
Charged RANAT
Cheers for el toro OLEOLE
Corrida critter TORO
Craggy peak TOR
Cries of delight OOHS
Cup in Cannes TASSE
Cushy seats POUFFES
Dept. store biggie MGR
Destructive wave TSUNAMI
Dickens's Heep URIAH
Drinker's bill TAB
Dynamic start AERO
E-mail type choice ITAL
Earth tones SIENNAS
Eskimo's boat UMIAK
Extended families CLANS
Foil's kin EPEE
Fr. holy woman STE
Freud contemporary ADLER
Future jr. SOPH
Gave to the church TITHED
Grafton's ___ for Innocent IIS
Green lights (var.) YESSES
Grown-up elvers EELS
Head-turner PSST
Hearing-wise AURALLY
Hindu retreat ASHRAM
Home equity ___ LOAN
Hostess ___ Balls SNO
Istanbul's palace TOPKAPI
Jamaican figure RASTA
Japanese soybean EDAMAME
Journalist Seymour HERSH
Kevin of In & Out KLINE
Like some fried foods OILY
Lott of Mississippi TRENT
Low life? AMEBA
Man of letters? PENPAL
Many NYC homes APTS
Many, many TONSOF
Maw's partner PAW
Milquetoast SISSY
Moon of Mars PHOBOS
Mosque religion ISLAM
Nahuatl speaker AZTEC
Night, to Mozart NACHT
Ninth mo. SEP
NYC medical center MTSINAI
Occur to DAWNON
Ocean current ELNINO
Old house sound CREAK
Online commerce ETAIL
Pasta varieties LASAGNAS
Pinpoints SPECKS
Polish seaport GDANSK
Poseidon's son TRITON
Praiseful hymns PAEANS
Preferences TASTES
Prefix for 'rose' RHOD
Reproductive cells GAMETES
Reveal, in verse OPE
River fish DACES
Rural power org. TVA
Santa's greeting HOHO
Senator Barack OBAMA
She-equine MARE
Ship's cargo area HOLD
Sign of approval NOD
Singer Gaye, et al. NONAS
Sort of vote WRITEIN
Soul (French) AME
Specialty mags ZINES
Stately tree ELM
Sugar meas. TSP
Summer baby LEO
Supplants REPLACES
Swab the poop deck MOP
The first words of the starred clues? HORSETRAILERS
Thornton Wilder play OURTOWN
Tin topper LID
Turkish rug KILIM
Used up SPENT
Wd. in Roget's SYN
Wind dir. ENE
Winning position FIRST
With wisdom SAGELY
X-ray alternative MRI
Yippie Hoffman ABBIE
___ about (circa) ONOR
___ diploma (graduate) EARNA
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