How many letters in the Answer?

Boston Globe Dec 05 2010

'Cinq + cinq' DIX
'Dear me!' OHGOSH
'Fiddler' role for Zero TEVYE
'Love Train' singers OJAYS
'Nothing to it' EASY
'Perry Mason' setting TRIAL
'Raging Bull' subject Jake LAMOTTA
'SNL' alum Cheri OTERI
'__ Boy Girl' (Roger Miller song) ATTA
1998 Destiny's Child hit NONONO
A's in aviation? ALFAS
Afghan, maybe THROW
Agar, for one GEL
Aid for anglers ROD
Amtrak express ACELA
An excess TOOMANY
Ancient Spanish city CADIZ
Bananas APE
Bandage up SWATHE
Be that as it may... ANYHOW
Beam, on board WIDTH
Bit of sorcery SPELL
Blanc or Brooks MEL
Bowie and Henson JIMS
Bump on a hog? WART
Bunch of sheets REAM
Busters NARCS
Call for high flutes? TOAST
Canine comment ARF
Cartoonish scream EEK
Cat's vowel SHORTA
Cecil's cartoon pal BEANY
Christina of film RICCI
City in a strip GAZA
Coach on a high track ELCAR
Conical domiciles TEPEES
Country near Sicily MALTA
Crowds, proverbially THREES
Daughter of Minos ARIADNE
Decelerated SLOWED
Devil's Tower state WYOMING
Dinero GELT
Dinghy accessory OAR
Downwind ALEE
Dramatist Brecht BERTOLT
Engaged in UPTO
Fabric for robes TERRY
Featured player SOLOIST
Flat-bottomed boat SCOW
Frame upright JAMB
Gives the boot to OUSTS
Goes bad DECAYS
Good golf score EVENPAR
Gp. of 30 clubs NHL
Haile devotee RASTA
Hale's comet co-finder BOPP
Have high hopes DREAM
Head of steer CATTLE
Held another meeting RESAT
Hook henchman SMEE
Interminable times EONS
Isinglass MICA
Itch-nailing sound AHH
Joe container on the job THERMOS
King of a Seuss pond YERTLE
Kiwi's 'greenstone' JADE
Light-sensing membrane RETINA
Like a cat's tongue RASPY
Like many a longhorn TEXAN
Literal gamut ATOZ
Lowly farmhand PEON
Made merry HADAGAS
Make into leather TAN
Massage targets KNOTS
Miners' quarries ORES
Ne plus ultra APEX
Olympic skier Alberto TOMBA
Operatic Pinza EZIO
Oregon's 'Emerald City' EUGENE
Parlor piano SPINET
Peak, for short MTN
PETA foe, at times AMA
Peyton's QB brother ELI
Photophobe's fear LIGHT
Physicals EXAMS
Pick the wrong side MISALLY
Picked-on sort DOORMAT
Planet circled by Triton NEPTUNE
Pounds the pavement? STOMPS
Put away the 'Closed' sign REOPEN
Put on a show PERFORM
Quasimodo's creator HUGO
Quits turning over STALLS
Rabid enthusiast MANIAC
Rainbow maker PRISM
Ready to nap DROWSY
Resident's suffix ITE
Resounded ECHOED
Result of buffing SHEEN
RKO film 'The Bells of __' STMARYS
Roxy Music's Brian ENO
Sam who sang COOKE
Sea-diving duck EIDER
Sentence analyst PARSER
Set-collecting game RUMMY
Singer DiFranco ANI
Sixth sense ESP
Snake eyes pair ONES
Step in toe shoes? PAS
Strike, in a way SEEMTO
Take too far OVERDO
Tenn. team member VOL
Text separator SPACE
The mother lode PAYDIRT
To date YET
Tough nut to crack ENIGMA
Traffic circle ROTARY
Train trailer? BRIDE
Tree housing Arthur? HORNBEAM
Tree housing Gore and Nunn? BALSAMFIR
Tree housing Heyerdahl? HAWTHORN
Tree housing Jong and Tyler? AMERICANOLIVE
Tree housing Lee and Brockovich? TANGERINE
Tree housing Preminger? COTTONWOOD
Tree housing Ryan and King Cole? POMEGRANATE
Tree housing Sandler? MACADAMIA
Tree housing Sumac? NORWAYMAPLE
Tree housing Yastrzemski? SCARLETOAK
Truck on a motorway LORRY
Two-part conjunction ANDOR
Wally's kid bro BEAV
Warning bell ALARM
Witt's 'with' MIT
Woman with 58 Across SIBYL
Young namesakes CYS
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