How many letters in the Answer?

Boston Globe Aug 22 2010

'Evil Woman' band, for short ELO
'Juegos Olimpicos' awards OROS
'M*A*S*H' cast member FARR
'The Kiss' painter KLIMT
*Broadway producer GEORGEABBOTT
*Comedian BOBHOPE
*Labor leader MOTHERJONES
*Political matriarch ROSEKENNEDY
*Ventriloquist SENORWENCES
1/60,000 min. MSEC
1969 hit song by the Classics IV TRACES
2004 horror movie SAW
85 Down's PBS station WNET
Actor in both the sitcom 'E/R' and the drama 'ER' CLOONEY
Ankle bones TALI
Architect Saarinen EERO
Astronauts Bean and Shepard ALANS
Bad hairpiece RUG
Bananas CUCKOO
Bellicose deity ARES
Beluga delicacy ROE
Big batch SCAD
Big name in Italian fashion FENDI
Bishop, often DIOCESAN
Caffeine source TEA
Caspian feeder URAL
Catastrophic DIRE
Census datum AGE
CEO's deg. MBA
Charges a second time REBILLS
City of central Florida OCALA
Clemson's org. ACC
Commotion STIR
Confront FACE
Convince SWAY
Crap-game attempt THROW
Daughter of Nicholas II ANASTASIA
Deceptive ILLUSORY
Dendrologists' celebration ARBORDAY
Director Lee ANG
Disposed of by trickery FOBBEDOFF
Don't hog the microphone BEBRIEF
Dorothy Gale's creator BAUM
Dot in an emoticon EYE
Durango dough PESOS
Earsplitting LOUD
Emulate 1 Across COOK
End-of-inning situation ONEON
Fa-ti link SOLLA
Fan base, maybe ADORERS
Faux pas SLIP
Flash Gordon foe MING
Francis of old TV ARLENE
Golfer Aoki ISAO
Gotham (abbr.) NYC
Governor Landon ALF
Hits the same milestone as all the *'d celebs LIVESTOBEIOO
Hwy. planner ENGR
Ibsen's 'Peer __' GYNT
In need of brushing, maybe LINTY
In olden days ONCE
Inflexible STIFF
Internet-forum rabble-rouser TROLL
Invariable CONSTANT
It follows 'diciembre' ENERO
Itty-bitty amount SMIDGE
Jay's rival, again DAVE
La Brea stuff TAR
La __, Bolivia PAZ
Leary of 'Rescue Me' DENIS
Leg-of-mutton sleeve GIGOT
Like Batman and Robin, e.g. CAPED
Literary conflict AGON
Locale for 63 Across CRETE
Membership SEAT
Menu selection ENTREE
Minnesota twins? ENS
Mrs. George Jetson JANE
Much more than tweaks REDOES
Nile Valley region NUBIA
Non-wizard, to Harry Potter MUGGLE
Not very busy SLOW
Old market AGORA
Old Saturn model ION
Old video-game inits. NES
Pale yellow shades MAIZES
Peace goddess IRENE
Pear variety BOSC
Photographer Adams ANSEL
Poet's 78 Down ORB
Political writer Charen MONA
Popular beauty magazine ALLURE
Prepared to propose KNELT
Prized possession GEM
Quagmire FEN
Ques. follow-up ANS
Record holders? DEEJAYS
Rice recipe PILAU
Satyrs' kin FAUNS
Scoundrel SOANDSO
Seeks in a dictionary, e.g. LOOKSUP
Selling points ASSETS
Shellfish seeker CLAMMER
Shimon of Israel PERES
Slope transport TBAR
Small batteries AAS
Small songbird TIT
Solicit ASK
Some mdse. from Amazon.com CDS
Some NFL'ers FBS
Start using ADOPT
Steep-roofed home AFRAME
Surpass TOP
Surrealist Joan MIRO
Symptom of laryngitis RASP
Televangelist Osteen JOEL
Thai money BAHTS
The A train? BCDEF
They might catch a few rays ANGLERS
Toes the line OBEYS
Tranquilizes SEDATES
Turnpike stops RESTAREAS
TV chef De Laurentiis GIADA
Understands GETS
Unhoped-for reply to 'How are you?' IMNOTOK
Wahine's welcome ALOHA
Wears a rut in the rug PACES
Wet chicken? BASTE
Willa Cather's '__ Ours' ONEOF
Worse, colloquially ROTTENER
__ service (loyal support) YEOMANS
__ Tin Tin RIN
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