How many letters in the Answer?

Boston Globe Apr 25 2010

'Children, Go Where __ Thee' ISEND
'Wild Thing' rapper TONELOC
1980 Tony musical EVITA
73 Down's org. NBA
Admission of defeat ILOST
Allow as OPINE
Amer. Anglican EPISC
Amtrak express ACELA
Author of 'Topaz' URIS
Baby boomers expected? THUNDERSTORKS
Bach mass key BMINOR
Banned behavior NONO
Big relief on the way? RECORDSIGHS
BlackBerry maker RIM
Blood component SERUM
Bluesy Bonnie RAITT
Boo-bird's call JEER
Booth or stand KIOSK
Boston's Mass or Comm, e.g. AVE
Bother a lot EATAT
Brand of jeans LEVIS
Bud involved in baseball SELIG
Bus. big shot CEO
Call in a dairy MOO
Ceilidh dances REELS
Certain skivvies BVDS
Chinese tea type OOLONG
Classic puffed cereal KIX
Complaints WOES
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Convoy component RIG
Cut down to size CROPPED
Desire and grit WILL
Diana of 'The Avengers' RIGG
Dishwasher cycle RINSE
Doc for Fido VET
Drives erratically WEAVES
Egg-frying conditions? PARTLYRUNNY
Emmy-winning Loretta SWIT
Epitome of virility HEMAN
Figure on a pole TOTEM
Fills with wonder AWES
Film critic Adler RENATA
Game in math NIM
Go along with AGREETO
Granite State sch. UNH
Green sky ahead? KALEWARNINGS
Grimm villains OGRES
Had a great hole EAGLED
Hankering YEN
Heartfelt requests PLEAS
Hole __ (ace) INONE
Home to humans PEOPLED
How railcars connect ENDON
Human purr? AAH
Hurdled LEAPT
Ice cream probable? COWINTHETEENS
Ill-behaved kids BRATS
In tarnation? ONEARTH
Job for a hero RESCUE
Keenan's funny dad EDWYNN
Kingdom near Moab EDOM
Kings of Persia SHAHS
Lantern-jawed host JAYLENO
Like some notepads LINED
Like some vowels LONG
Locker hardware HASP
Loretta's 'M*A*S*H' colleague ALAN
Low-voiced belters BASSI
Maria on Mars SEAS
MIT grad, often ENGR
Mp3 downloads SONGS
Musical clan name TRAPP
Musical phrase RIFF
Myopic megafauna RHINO
Naysayer's view ANTI
New Jersey cager NET
Next in line HEIR
Non-dairy spreads OLEOS
Opera by Puccini TOSCA
Parts with eight equals NINTHS
Pats' gridiron gp. AFC
Possessive sort? DEMON
Pot-__ (brothy dish) AUFEU
Powwow group TRIBE
Pre-Norman invader SAXON
Prong TINE
Quad locale THIGH
Red and white precip? WINERYMIX
Red grape variety SHIRAZ
Red River city HANOI
Regular haunt PURLIEU
Reliever Eric GAGNE
Ross who ran in 1992 PEROT
Sammy the slugger SOSA
Sassy consonants ESSES
Secretly follow SHADOW
Seiji with a baton OZAWA
Shooting sport SKEET
Sicilian seaport MESSINA
Side with burgers SLAW
Singer Coolidge RITA
Some garden prep HOEING
Some waiters' jackets ETONS
Sort of 62 Across DENTAL
Speller's link words ASIN
Spot in spots? PATCHYDOG
Squabble SETTO
St. Petersburg's river NEVA
Stan's comedy partner OLLIE
Standards NORMS
Start-up VENTURE
Stead LIEU
Strand for cleaning FLOSS
Stromboli stuffing? LAVA
Suns All-Star Steve NASH
Swimming AWASH
Tennis contest MATCH
Threatening crowds? CHANCEOFSHOVERS
Ties at the races? ASCOTS
Tolkien baddie GOBLIN
Touch like waves LAPAT
Trumpeter Rogers SHORTY
Twelve NOON
Verse often flattering ODE
Very, in Vichy TRES
Vintage stereos HIFIS
Violinist Zimbalist EFREM
Viscous goo TAR
Visitors from space ETS
What's here THIS
Wicked weather coming? TORNADOWITCH
Wife of Augustus LIVIA
Wish to undo RUE
Wry Wright STEVEN
Zealous fans NUTS
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