How many letters in the Answer?

Thinks.com Sep 29 2010

'The Threepenny Opera' playwright BRECHT
12-point type PICA
22 across, poetically ERIN
Ancient ally of Sparta ELIS
Apiece EACH
Astral hunter ORION
Author Hubbard LRON
Bacon serving RASHER
Basic food STAPLE
Big house MANOR
Carry TOTE
Chief city of Moravia BRNO
Commencement OUTSET
Convert a message ENCODE
Cork's place EIRE
Crockpot concoction STEW
Dig this! HOLE
Doing UPTO
Film maker? ACETATE
Fine fiddle AMATI
Five-foot line PENTAMETER
Food for hogs MAST
Foreigner ALIEN
Game played with deck of 40 cards OMBRE
Grandson of Methuselah NOAH
Graycoats REBS
Grinding tooth MOLAR
Handel oratorio THEMESSIAH
High spd. phone line ISDN
High spot TOWER
Himalayan guide SHERPA
Hostile look GLARE
Indian princess RANEE
Infrequent RARE
Inkling IDEA
Island near Kauai OAHU
It paves the way TAR
Kingdom in the Himalayas BHUTAN
Leeds's river AIRE
Lightweight hat PANAMA
Like a boor LOUTISH
Like some vbs. IRR
Low-priced CHEAP
Melville adventure TYPEE
Metric unit STERE
Moslem leader EMIR
Old World fruit tree SORB
One of the Gospels LUKE
Papal blessing words URBIETORBI
Pen point NIB
Penny-pinching MISERLY
Plantain lily HOSTA
Posthumous Plath book ARIEL
Proof word ERAT
Quipu maker INCA
Run quickly HARE
Sgt., for one NCO
Ship's officer PURSER
Shoreline irregularity INLET
Showing a fancy for INTO
Spanish poet and playwright LORCA
Suit to __ ATEE
Superior, e.g. LAKE
Terminator ENDER
Thunder sound CLAP
Transmission medium CABLE
Tresses HAIR
Troubles ILLS
Unproductive ARID
__ non grata PERSONA
__ sapiens HOMO
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