How many letters in the Answer?

Thinks.com Sep 21 2009

'Edward Scissorhands' star DEPP
'Exodus' author URIS
'La Boheme' role MIMI
'Plaza __' SUITE
'The Bartered Bride' composer SMETANA
1940s Big-Band leader KRUPA
A touch of panic SCARE
Ancient marketplace AGORA
Archaic bidding HEST
At one __ swoop FELL
Avatar of Vishnu RAMA
Battlement openings CRENELS
Brief life? BIO
Bungle FLUB
Burdened LADEN
Bygone ruler CZAR
Capital of ancient Syria ANTIOCH
Carryall TOTE
Casement SASH
Civilian clothes MUFTI
Communists REDS
Concert soloist HARPIST
Counting-out starter EENY
Daring Knievel EVEL
Down Under soldier ANZAC
Dress fold PLEAT
Easily-split mineral MICA
Easter or Christmas? ISLAND
Electric guitar hookup AMP
Evaluate ASSESS
Family members NIECES
Festival GALA
Furtive one SNEAK
German-Polish border river ODER
Greek architectural style IONIC
Gunfire sound RATATAT
Harvesting REAPING
Hold sway REIGN
Imaginary PHANTOM
Jostle SHOVE
Land of Anatole? FRANCE
Line on a weather map ISOBAR
Luke's teacher YODA
More suitable APTER
Mouth-watering TASTY
Ne plus ultra ACME
Negatively charged particle ANION
Neighbor of Senegal GAMBIA
Nevada skiing locale TAHOE
Newspaper features COLUMNS
Norse god of the sea AEGIR
Not that THIS
NZ neighbor AUST
On a single occasion ONCE
Pop musician Lofgren NILS
Quatrain rhyme scheme ABAB
Range rovers HERDS
Sacred river of 'Kubla Khan' ALPH
Skirt length MINI
Slant BIAS
Soft roe MILT
Sordid SEAMY
Sort of salmon SOCKEYE
Sounds of indecision UMS
Spoils LOOT
Stein relative TANKARD
Strangely ODDLY
Surfeited SATED
Underdog's hope UPSET
Wholly absorbed RAPT
Wrath IRE
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