How many letters in the Answer?

Thinks.com Oct 04 2009

'Luck Be __' ALADY
'The Wreck of the Mary __' DEARE
'Three men in __' ATUB
'__ the Roof ' UPON
1991 Kenneth Branagh thriller DEADAGAIN
Agra attire SARI
Airport parking area APRON
Anecdotal knowledge LORE
Appear unexpectedly CROPUP
Architect Saarinen EERO
Barbara, to friends BABS
Britain's PM BLAIR
Bud's movie partner LOU
Ceremonies RITES
City on the Rhine ARNHEM
Cleaving tool FROE
Coiffure HAIRDO
Conductor Walter BRUNO
Contraction contraction ABBR
Coordination centers CEREBELLA
Crinkly cloth CREPE
Eden evictee ADAM
Emblem BADGE
Epic of a wanderer AENEID
Film director Forman MILOS
First name in mysteries ERLE
Floral specialist ROSARIAN
Follow ENSUE
Former part of Portuguese India GOA
Freeway exit RAMP
French landscape painter COROT
Frolics CAPERS
Fruit with a stone PLUM
Happen OCCUR
Hardware purchase BOLTS
Hit on the green PUTT
Invisible troublemaker GREMLIN
Jethro __ TULL
Language of Provence OCCITAN
Least well done RAREST
Like some vbs. IRR
Mine passage ADIT
Needy POOR
No longer active: Abbr. RETD
Not permanent ERASABLE
Not, in dialect NARY
Out of the wind ALEE
Playthings TOYS
Pretoria's province TRANSVAAL
Primitive plant ALGA
Ring sport SUMO
Rising again RESURGENT
Roman sea god NEPTUNE
Romanian monetary unit LEU
Runaway win ROUT
Sandwich shop DELI
Sister of Calliope ERATO
Snacks in shells TACOS
Some dairy cows JERSEYS
Stead LIEU
Strong fiber RAMIE
Subsequently AFTER
Suitably APTLY
Supercomputer pioneer CRAY
To be in Rome ESSE
Trustworthy RELIABLE
Two-faced god JANUS
__ sana in corpore sano MENS
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