How many letters in the Answer?

Thinks.com May 26 2010

'___ say more?' NEEDI
'___ Small World' ITSA
'As you ___' WERE
'Duck ___' (Marx Brothers film) SOUP
'La vita nuova' writer DANTE
'Little' girl in 'David Copperfield' EMLY
'To Kill a Mockingbird' author HARPERLEE
'___ Fideles' ADESTE
+ end ANODE
Above ground? ALIVE
Absorb facts LEARN
Acoustic AURAL
Aided an actor CUED
Animal shelter LAIR
Applaud CLAP
Barracks beds COTS
Basil or rosemary HERB
Beach sweeper TIDE
Big birds EMUS
Bit attachment REIN
Bridge player's feat SLAM
Bring the curtain down on END
Buck's mate HIND
Building location SITE
By accident, old-style HAPLY
Candied GLACE
Casual tops TSHIRTS
Chamber group OCTET
Coarse tobacco SHAG
Cool ___ cucumber ASA
Crew members OARS
Director Riefenstahl LENI
Don Juan RAKE
Dr. Westheimer RUTH
Dreamer's opposite REALIST
Drill inventor Jethro TULL
Effortless EASY
Embroidered SEWN
Epic poem ILIAD
Facade FRONT
Factory PLANT
Film container CAN
Fourth dimension TIME
German seaport EMDEN
Go on a buying spree SPEND
Good farm soil LOAM
Got a hole in one ACED
Green parrots KEAS
H.C. Andersen, e.g. DANE
Hit the books hard CRAM
It's north of Cairo NILEDELTA
Jacket features SLEEVES
Japanese noodle dish RAMEN
Late Norwegian king OLAV
Like some stories TALL
Make fast SECURE
Makes level EVENSUP
Malefactor FELON
Melville tale OMOO
Navigation acronym LORAN
Newts EFTS
Not so hard TENDERER
Of durable wood OAKEN
Parts of sky maps NEBULAE
Poland's Walesa LECH
Rice dish PILAF
Santa's greeting HOHOHO
Solidify HARDEN
Spice used in pickling TARRAGON
Stair parts TREADS
Unwell SICK
View from Corfu IONIANSEA
Wed. preceder TUE
Workout spots GYMS
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