How many letters in the Answer?

Thinks.com May 24 2008

'Friends' actress Kudrow LISA
'Great Expectations' girl ESTELLA
'Here's looking ___!' ATYOU
'My ___ Amour' CHERIE
'__, Brute!' ETTU
'___ Love You' (Beatles tune) PSI
1996 Madonna role EVITA
Abated EASED
Aimless IDLE
Alpine elevator TBAR
Amazon valley people TUPI
Antarctica's ___ Coast ADELIE
Aperture SLIT
Army offs. COLS
Arsenal stock AMMO
As such PERSE
Basic rhyme scheme ABAB
Beethoven's 'Choral' Symphony NINTH
Best of the best ELITE
Beta follower GAMMA
Birds, to biologists AVES
Blow off steam? HISS
Board's partner ROOM
Bounding site? MAIN
Brief time MOMENT
Bypass AVOID
Calendar pages MONTHS
Cappuccino cousin LATTE
Capture CATCH
Cheerleaders' cheers RAHS
Classification TYPE
Commuter vehicle BUS
Compass reading NNE
Country singer Bonnie RAITT
Deuce beater TREY
Dost own HAST
Drop one's jaw GAPE
Earthenware from Holland DELFT
Elaborate Japanese porcelain IMARI
Endless years AEON
Finished ATANEND
Fossil resin AMBER
French satellite launcher ARIANE
Heathen PAGAN
High degree MASTERS
Important sports org. IOC
In two parts DUAL
Intertwine ENLACE
Lack of variety SAMENESS
Lemon and lime, e.g. HUES
Like Vikings NORSE
Lisbon's river TAGUS
Moon goddess LUNA
More disreputable SEEDIER
New Orleans cuisine CREOLE
Not transitory LINGERING
Outmoded copier MIMEO
Ouzo flavoring ANISEED
Penny pinchers MISERS
Polluted, in a way SMOGGY
Pro vote YEA
Raring to go ALLSET
Sap source MAPLE
Singer Newton-John OLIVIA
Small, reddish monkey TITI
Sticks around a stake PYRE
Subject for St. Thomas Aquinas MORTALSIN
Superlative suffix EST
Was important MATTERED
Wilde's 'The Ballad of Reading ___' GAOL
___ shui FENG
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