How many letters in the Answer?

Thinks.com May 18 2008

'... against ___ of troubles' ASEA
'A ___ of Two Cities' TALE
'All systems go!' READY
'Auld Lang ___' SYNE
'Author unknown': Abbr. ANON
'Friends' role ROSS
'Laughing Cavalier' artist HALS
'Odyssey' peak OSSA
'The Glass-Bead Game' author HESSE
'Would ___ to you?' ILIE
'___ With Love' (Poitier film) TOSIR
1985 Nicholas Gage best seller ELENI
A bit too interested NOSEY
Act the coquette TEASE
Actress Blakley RONEE
Address for a lady MAAM
Advance LOAN
Ages and ages EON
Annoying type PEST
Archaic bidding HEST
Art student's prop EASEL
Assent of Paris OUI
Atmosphere AIR
Audio feedback of a sort ECHO
B.A. and B.S., e.g. DEGS
Be a crybaby PULE
Become depleted RUNDRY
Begin a hand DEAL
Birch kin ALDER
Blackthorn SLOE
Brake element DISC
Camera stands TRIPODS
Casino machines SLOTS
Catch the wind under one's wings SOAR
Cherry red CERISE
City in the Ruhr valley ESSEN
Comic actress Tessie OSHEA
Cycle part PHASE
Darkroom solutions TONERS
Daughter of King Lear REGAN
Did a smith's job SHOD
Doo-wop song syllable SHA
Faux pas ERROR
Got a move on HIED
Graceful girl SYLPH
Had a row? OARED
Half of zwei EINS
Incline (to) DISPOSE
Indian tourist town AGRA
Irish county MEATH
Kills, in mob slang OFFS
Kind of diet SCARSDALE
Low grades DEES
Maj.'s next step up LTCOL
Midge GNAT
Midwest Indians OTOES
Mild panics FLAPS
Monk, perhaps ASCETIC
Monopoly rollers DICE
Mother of the Valkyries ERDA
Notified of danger ALERTED
Occasions for holding hands SEANCES
Onetime Great Lake Indians MIAMIS
Ordained DECREED
Quintessence EPITOME
Ranked for a tournament SEEDED
Santa syllables HOHO
Seaport on the Strait of Gibraltar ALGECIRAS
Six-line stanzas SESTETS
Sponge CADGE
Stage signals CUES
Vitamin B acid FOLIC
Without a smile STERNLY
Wool-like fabric SATINET
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