How many letters in the Answer?

Thinks.com Mar 26 2008

'Don't waste your breath!' SAVEIT
'I cannot tell __' ALIE
'Nope!' UHUH
'Ratner's Star' author DONDELILLO
'Swanee' singer Al JOLSON
Absurd art DADA
Actor Lugosi BELA
Actor Morales ESAI
Arawakan language of the West Indies TAINO
Artist from Catalonia DALI
Biggest and best portion LIONSSHARE
Busy as __ ABEE
Caprice WHIM
Chianti, e.g. VINO
Classic Formula One car LOTUS
Coconut husk fiber COIR
Comedian Foxx REDD
Commands ORDERS
Cow hand? HOOF
Cud chewer COW
Dazzled AWED
Disdainful SNIFFY
Disney mermaid ARIEL
Dispatch boat AVISO
Donkeys ASSES
Duke's domain DUCHY
Finished ENDED
Food label word LITE
Formulate FRAME
Frankenstein's assistant IGOR
French movie director Resnais ALAIN
Frustrate FOIL
Goodman, the King of Swing BENNY
High spd. phone line ISDN
Hoglike animal TAPIR
Lorraine's partner ALSACE
Made an impression REGISTERED
Matured AGED
Metric prefix CENTI
More sagacious WISER
Morsel for Miss Muffet CURD
Most awful DIREST
Moved gingerly EDGED
Mutt DOG
Not much for mixing ASOCIAL
Oohed and __ AAHED
Part of A.D. ANNO
Peer Gynt's mother ASE
Phillips University site ENID
Report of a shooting? BANG
Saudi or Iraqi ARAB
Say for sure AVER
Singing voice ALTO
Some resistance OHMS
Something owed DEBT
Sound of contentment PURR
Source of growth SEEDBED
Spanish seaport CADIZ
Spanish wine RIOJA
Speaker with forked tongue LIAR
Subatomic particle MUON
Synthetic material ORLON
The Emerald Isle ERIN
Tito's real name BROZ
Towers over DWARFS
Track shape OVAL
Understanding response ISEE
Unwritten ORAL
Violation ABUSE
Was of use AVAILED
Water source WELL
Wipe the dishes DRY
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