How many letters in the Answer?

Thinks.com Mar 15 2011

'Cogito ___ sum' ERGO
'Enigma Variations' composer ELGAR
'I Go To ___' (Billy Joel song) EXTREMES
'It's the end of ___!' ANERA
'Unto us ___ is given' ASON
'Whether ___ nobler...' TIS
'___ With Wolves' DANCES
Absorb intently ENGROSS
Active volcano ETNA
Actor Guinness ALEC
Actress Bancroft ANNE
Admiration ESTEEM
Airport approximation ETA
Amigos PALS
Arrests HALTS
Bakery appliance OVEN
Bird bill part CERE
Blend MELD
Blocker of TV DAN
Bolted RAN
Border on ABUT
Brightest star in Scorpio ANTARES
Brother of Jacob ESAU
Circular current EDDY
Clarinet component REED
Classic violin STRAD
Competitions between banks? REGATTAS
Considered REGARDED
Consumer USER
Culture medium AGAR
Damage HARM
Daughter of Hera and Zeus HEBE
Dickinson of 'Police Woman' ANGIE
Do business DEAL
Domicile HOME
East of Essen OST
Education innovator MONTESSORI
Fix hose DARN
Forewarning OMEN
Greek earth goddess GAEA
Idyllic spot EDEN
Impulses URGES
Incense ANGER
Italian wine ASTI
June 6, 1944 DDAY
Loading area DOCK
Macho males HEMEN
Mafia code of silence OMERTA
Malay dagger KRIS
Miles from Hollywood? VERA
Not very much ATAD
Performing ONSTAGE
Put off DEFER
Quick impressions APERCUS
Rio Grande city LAREDO
Salad vegetable ENDIVE
Sci-fi changeling MUTANT
Sea duck EIDER
Smell ODOR
Sniffler's need TISSUE
Speech problem LISP
Sprite ELF
Stepped on TROD
Tabby talk PURR
Take for ___ ARIDE
Thor's father ODIN
Type of wedding SHOTGUN
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