How many letters in the Answer?

Thinks.com Mar 07 2009

'Ah!' ISEE
'Americana' author DONDELILLO
'Auld ___ Syne' LANG
'Enigma Variations' composer ELGAR
'Measure for Measure' villain ANGELO
'The Prisoner of __' ZENDA
'___ Ben Adhem' ABOU
Agitated state SNIT
Aloha State bird NENE
Approval CONSENT
At some distance AFAR
Augustus et al. EMPERORS
Authentic ECHT
Author Rushdie SALMAN
Bard's river AVON
Be successful - as a traveler? GOPLACES
Big name in chips INTEL
Big time? ERA
Caesar's farewell VALE
Cared for TENDED
Change one's story? EDIT
Charlie of the Rolling Stones WATTS
City near Provo OREM
Cold refreshments ICES
Cudgel CLUB
Curvaceous character ESS
Danish city ODENSE
Disgusted grunts UGHS
Doing very well ONAROLL
Easy pace LOPE
Engaged in litigation SUED
Evokes affection ENDEARS
Exile site for Napoleon ELBA
Figure of speech TROPE
Final outcome DENOUEMENT
From square one ANEW
Happen to meet CHANCEUPON
Hindu scripture VEDA
Holy wars CRUSADES
Hunter of fiction EVAN
Inclination BENT
Intelligence NEWS
Jazz great's nickname SATCHMO
Jigs and reels DANCES
La femme ELLE
Like a couch potato INERT
Mogul capital of India AGRA
Neighbor of Senegal MALI
Norse deity ODIN
Old name for Tokyo EDO
Part of a process STEP
Pelvic bones SACRA
Pencil-and-paper game DOTS
Placated CALMED
Pointless Olympic event? EPEE
Regret RUE
Russian prison camp GULAG
Slender SLIM
Summaries RECAPS
Sun follower? MON
Unexplained sightings UFOS
Unrefined CRUDE
Unremitting ALLOUT
Whimper PULE
White house? IGLOO
With more gusto ZESTIER
___ bono CUI
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