How many letters in the Answer?

Thinks.com Jul 19 2008

'Carrie' star SPACEK
'Forrest __' GUMP
'Listen!' HARK
'O Sole __' MIO
'The Clan of the Cave Bear' author AUEL
'__ Bulba' TARAS
60s-70s German chancellor BRANDT
Aqua __ PURA
Author Kafka FRANZ
Author Segal ERICH
Biblical marriage feast location CANA
Big Apple law enforcers NYPD
Bill settler PAYER
Blackthorn fruit SLOE
Bloodsucker LEECH
Bruins Bobby ORR
Buddhist religious center in Japan NIKKO
Contemptible BASE
Crazy LOCO
Decorate anew REDO
Deeds ACTS
Do away with SCRUB
E pluribus __ UNUM
Eight in Aix HUIT
Endorse OKAY
Extract by force WREST
French bacteriologist PASTEUR
Goal attempt SHOT
Gusto ZEST
Handle SEETO
Hook's henchman SMEE
Keyboard key SHIFT
Kind of engraving WOODCUT
Laughing animal HYENA
Light and delicate AIRY
Like some old buckets OAKEN
Lock or ringlet TRESS
Madison Avenue types ADMEN
Make __ for it ARUN
Mollycoddles COSSETS
More domineering BOSSIER
More than adequate AMPLE
Mystical incantations MANTRAS
Nerve network RETE
Norway's patron saint OLAF
One is bound to work SERF
One kind of Muslim SHIITE
Pakistan's chief river INDUS
Polynesian skirt PAREU
Provide AFFORD
Pusher's chaser NARC
Quintessence EPITOME
Really move ZOOM
River to the Baltic ODER
Serbian folk dance KOLO
Shadow UMBRA
Singer Diamond NEIL
Song of the past OLDIE
Stand firm HOLDOUT
Store SHOP
Strong fiber BAST
Tankard contents ALE
Teeth on a wheel COGS
The moon personified CYNTHIA
Trig. function COSEC
Undivided ENTIRE
Visible horizon SKYLINE
Was almost exhausted RANLOW
Whiskey RYE
White collar crime GRAFT
Young seals PUPS
Zoo beasts RHINOS
__ lunch OUTTO
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