How many letters in the Answer?

Thinks.com Jan 31 2011

A case of pins and needles ETUI
Ailing SICK
Alternate identity ALIAS
An arm and ___ ALEG
Aquatic mammals OTTERS
Arab ruler EMIR
Author Capote TRUMAN
Belfry spots STEEPLES
Biblical twin ESAU
Blackcurrant liqueur CASSIS
Boadicea's people ICENI
Bryn Mawr grad ALUMNA
Caped crusader BATMAN
Cargo compartment HOLD
Ceremony RITE
China shop purchase TEASET
China's ___ Xiaoping DENG
Classic art subject NUDE
Composer's work OPUS
Computer screen VDU
Conjecture SURMISE
Custom WONT
Destroy by degrees ERODE
Disarray MUSS
Double-reed instrument OBOE
Egg producers HENS
Entered, as data KEYEDIN
Fourteen-line poems SONNETS
Frenzies RAGES
Gershwin brother IRA
Get ready to fly EMPLANE
Goldilocks meal PORRIDGE
Got smart WISEDUP
Got up AROSE
Hazardous gas RADON
High peaks TORS
Horse opera OATER
Infamous emperor NERO
Ireland, poetically ERIN
Jason's vessel ARGO
Jewish scriptures TORAH
Lenin's land USSR
Liver secretion BILE
Native Nigerian IBO
Never used by poets NEER
NZ native MAORI
Opera singer Horne MARILYN
Pizza herb OREGANO
Please, in Pisa PREGO
Really soaked SATURATED
Regret RUE
Seedless raisin SULTANA
Sheets and pillowcases BEDLINEN
Silly goose NINNY
Spam, ham, lamb, ... MEAT
Stargazing ASTRONOMY
Subordinate event SIDESHOW
Tabula ___ RASA
Taxi drivers CABBIES
Tear to pieces DISMEMBER
The Sage of Concord EMERSON
Train for boxing SPAR
Type of parrot MACAW
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