How many letters in the Answer?

Thinks.com Feb 07 2011

'Desire Under the ___' ELMS
'I cannot tell __' ALIE
'The Glass-Bead Game' author HESSE
'The Planets' composer HOLST
'___ is the Night' TENDER
'___ Pinafore' HMS
1981 Warren Beatty film REDS
Abounded TEEMED
Air force? GALE
Allied SIDED
Animator Tex AVERY
Arduous journey TREK
Astringent substance ALUM
At any time EVER
At that time THEN
Author unknown: Abbr. ANON
Become weary TIRE
Below, in poesy NEATH
Blithe GAY
Bowling targets PINS
Bring to mind EVOKE
Chief town of Tahiti PAPEETE
Covent Garden solo ARIA
Daisy Mae's man ABNER
Deliverance RELEASE
Disgrace SHAME
Dying down ABATING
Eminent conductor MAESTRO
Evaluated RATED
Existentialist author SARTRE
Fictional alter ego HYDE
Finds out LEARNS
Following ENSUING
Freight car hopper HOBO
Goes wrong ERRS
Hastened HIED
Here, not in heaven ONEARTH
Highlander, perhaps SCOT
Hindmost LAST
Huckster's confederate SHILL
Indian attire SARI
Iterate RESAY
Joins the team? YOKES
Joint point NODE
Lewis Carroll heroine ALICE
Mideast metropolis TELAVIV
Monk's haircut TONSURE
Montezuma's people AZTECS
More rational SANER
Musical pause REST
Observe NOTE
Overbearing pride ARROGANCE
Overhead ABOVE
Parmesan, e.g. CHEESE
Perform anew REDO
Picks up DETECTS
Riverside plant REED
Roman 52 LII
Rows of seats TIERS
Russian emperors TSARS
Russian refusal NYET
Shades TINTS
Singer Joan BAEZ
Smooth glossy fabric SATIN
Starting out DEPARTURE
Superhero of pulp fiction CONAN
Taj Mahal site AGRA
Tiny sound PEEP
Track PATH
Unexpected defeat UPSET
Western OATER
Willie Wonka creator DAHL
Woodwind instruments OBOES
___ Lanka SRI
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