How many letters in the Answer?

The A.V Club Sep 12 2012

'___ Just Not That Into You' HES
'___ she blows!' THAR
1981 World Series MVP Ron CEY
A bad one may lead to an error HOP
Abbr. followed by '!!!!!1' OMG
Adolescent astronauts' favored drinks? TEENTANGS
Alternative to 'thither' YON
Amer. currency USD
Annoying places for gum to stick SOLES
Bad thing to have in your veins AIR
Base measurement PHLEVEL
Bases, briefly HQS
Big bucks competitions? RODEOS
Big solos during death scenes, often ARIAS
Book sort of obviated by smartphones ATLAS
Boxer you shouldn't bet on PALOOKA
Brews with very low caffeine content? NEARTEAS
British actor nicknamed 'Serena' after his knighthood IANMCKELLEN
Brooding ones HENS
Carry with effort LUG
Cholesterol that doesn't start with H (I can never remember which is the good one) LDL
Contact lens care brand RENU
Country channel relaunching in 2012 TNN
Curse HEX
Deadly flies TSETSES
End-of-week farewell? PARTINGTGIF
Event featuring unqualified competition? PRELIM
Event with busts on display to customers ARTSALE
Foul-mouthed bear of film TED
Gasps for breath PANTS
Got up ROSE
Group that lost their mittens, e.g.? PUSSYTRIO
Guinness suffix EST
Having fun ATPLAY
Hippie's odor INCENSE
Jack of 'Twin Peaks' NANCE
Jason of 'Beverly Hills, 90210' PRIESTLEY
Minister's house MANSE
Movie that may be remade again with Beyonce in the Gaynor/Garland/Streisand role ASTARISBORN
One at an Occupy protest, probably LEFTY
Palinesque comedian? FEY
Political family that probably shouldn't go to their dad for sex advice AKINS
Post-chili digestive aid BEANO
Produce LEADTO
Qatari or Kuwaiti leaders EMIRS
Queenside castling notation OOO
Say 'Yes, officer, that's the singer that was using Auto-Tune'? FINGERTPAIN
Scotch dilutant ICE
Seat at Buckingham Palace? ARSE
See 35-Across THUMBER
Self-referential phrase on green packaging REUSEME
Shakespearean denial NAY
Short story collection, for short ANTH
Shrink-___ jeans TOFIT
Sketchy hotel, for short SRO
Snag GET
Spinners on tricked-out cars RIMS
Suffix with profit or racket EER
The greatest possible number of seabirds? MAXTERNS
Thurmond who had a secret mixed-race daughter STROM
Tiny bugs that often live in pillows, but try not to think about it DUSTMITES
Took advantage of a spread ATE
Votes of approval in Vice magazine DOS
Wesley Crusher's rank on 'ST: TNG' ENS
Where Prince Harry played strip pool VEGAS
With 37-Across, narrator of 'Hitchhiking With Lolita'? HUMBERT
Woof equivalent ARF
Word accompanying a salute SIR
Word with an English homophone that translates to 'nous' in its language OUI
Wyatt of the Old West EARP
Years and years and years EONS
___ connector RCA
___ financing APR
___ hand (pitch in) LENDA
___-Seltzer ALKA
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