How many letters in the Answer?

The A.V Club May 11 2011

'A Decade' band ___ Lady Peace OUR
'Beavis and Butt-head' laugh HEHHEH
'Kill Bill' tutor Pai ___ MEI
'Mad Dogs and Englishmen' author Coward NOEL
'Member ___' (sticker on a bank door) FDIC
'One day only!' event SALE
'Showgirls' main character Malone NOMI
'Siddhartha' author HESSE
'___ never work' ITLL
'___ she blows!' THAR
2008 horror movie, or the sound from across the theater that kept breaking my concentration? ONEMISSEDCALL
2011 second-generation Chevrolet also called a Sonic AVEO
Arne Duncan's dept. EDUC
Ave. crossers, perhaps STS
Ballot-casting day: Abbr. TUES
Banda ___ (city affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake) ACEH
Big, casually FAT
Big, medically OBESE
Chalcopyrite, e.g. ORE
Charlotte's craft WEB
Chief prosecutors AGS
Civil War rebel Turner NAT
Clapper's place BELL
Composer in a 'Switched-On' record series BACH
Computer option between 'Abort' and 'Fail' RETRY
Contestant's choice on 'Match Game' AORB
Disappoint, with 'down' LET
DLI doubled MCII
Docket item CASE
Don in a 2007 radio scandal IMUS
Dr. Seuss title character with a shell YERTLE
Early journalist Tarbell IDA
Espionage novels heavy on futuristic gadgets, slangily SPYFI
Falco in Broadway's 'The House of Blue Leaves' EDIE
Fuzzy sweater material MOHAIR
Game with pawn-like 'men' SORRY
Gets down? KNEELS
Gibby Haynes' band, or the crowd participants who got in my way at the concert? BUTTHOLESURFERS
Goneril's father LEAR
Govt. shore patrol USCG
Greeting sent on the cheap ECARD
Hardships WOES
It may be measured in feet and meters POEM
Jerk's acronym SOB
Joins the cast of ACTSIN
Like some S&M KINKY
Lit sign over radio station booths ONAIR
Location of flowers in a V. C. Andrews title THEATTIC
Make tied EVENUP
Master Cleanse, e.g. DIET
Meadow call BAA
Mexican actor/director ___ García Bernal GAEL
Missouri NFL player, or the reckless fan who kept headbutting me? STLOUISRAM
Mortgage middle man BROKER
Mount St. Helens output in 1980 ASH
Naughty no-nos TABOOS
Not-100%-certain response IMIGHT
NPR 'Science Friday' host Flatow IRA
Plastic suffix INE
Psychologist Abraham known for his 'hierarchy of needs' MASLOW
Rapper ___ Def MOS
Rashness HASTE
See 19-Down HOLM
See 60-Across WITHTHEHAT
Shoe-banger Khrushchev NIKITA
Sign during most of August LEO
Snack in nearly every episode of 'Wonder Pets' CELERY
Stepped (upon) TROD
Stink up the stage BOMB
Surname for Vito and Fredo CORLEONE
Their warnings open movies FBI
ThinkPad maker IBM
Tom yum, e.g. SOUP
Units of conductance MHOS
Wine aficionado's prefix OENO
With 4-Down, actor set to star in 'The Hobbit' IAN
With 65-Across, unpunctuated Chris Rock Broadway play, or someone who blocked my view? THEMOTHERFKER
___ support TECH
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