How many letters in the Answer?

The A.V Club Mar 19 2008

'As if!' DREAMON
'Crap!' OHNO
'Evil Dead' hero ASH
'La ___' (Fellini classic) STRADA
'Later, dahling!' CIAO
'The Giving Tree' author Silverstein SHEL
'The Kids in the ___' HALL
'They look like ___ from up here!' ANTS
'They tried to make me go to ___...' REHAB
'Uh-huh, uh-huh' ISEE
'Where ___' (Beck hit) ITSAT
'___ on Main St.' EXILE
Affirmative at the altar IDO
Augsburg abode HAUS
Bar assn. members ATTS
Before ERE
Big Band star who sang 'I Wanna Be Like You' in 'The Jungle Book' LOUISPRIMA
Bk. after Proverbs ECCL
Blown-away feeling AWE
Catchphrase of a contraceptive device's mascot? MYNAMEISIUD
Cause for carrying an inhaler ASTHMA
Chain owned by Barnes & Noble BDALTON
Cry over spilled milk? MEW
Dripping ___ WET
Dutch painter Jan STEEN
Earp of the Old West WYATT
Either of Heather's parents, according to a children's book title MOMMY
Extras in a 2001 Tim Burton film APES
Fashion MODE
Fixture near a toilet BIDET
Flaky mineral MICA
Food company founded in Hawaii DOLE
For each PER
Grateful Dead fan, stereotypically HIPPIE
Hard-to-translate phrase IDIOM
Head-slapping utterances DOHS
Intergalactic bounty hunter Boba ___ FETT
It's not kosher with meat DAIRY
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo who resigned in 2007 ABE
L.A. issue SMOG
Like some interests VESTED
Like some ions: Abbr. NEG
Links baseline PAR
Loves too much DOTES
Mansion's abundance ROOMS
Marion's 'La Vie en Rose' role EDITH
Middling grade CEE
Order from the place on the corner EATIN
Org. in charge of the Oscars AMPAS
Personal choice the morning after? PRIVATEPLANB
Pesto or Provençale SAUCE
Pisses off RILES
Poorly chosen, as a phrase INAPT
Prominent instrument in the band Rasputina CELLO
Reebok competitor ASICS
Scottish hillside BRAE
See 17-Across THEPILL
See 52-Across THECONDOM
Ship again RESEND
Shock waves' source EPICENTER
Shtick ACT
Singer-songwriter's key-changing tool CAPO
Some moths and penguins EMPERORS
Son of Cain ENOCH
Sound of a horse's hoof CLOP
Split LEFT
Sucker PATSY
Ted ___ and the Pharmacists LEO
Thing often sold to Satan SOUL
Two fives for ___ ATEN
Upcoming movie musical starring Meryl Streep MAMMAMIA
Valhalla is his hall ODIN
With 21-Across, family planning success? TRIUMPHOF
With 61-Across, vacation filled with safe sex? SIXDAYSOF
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