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The A.V Club Mar 09 2011

'Octomom' Suleman et al. NADYAS
'Seinfeld' star Julia Louis-___ DREYFUS
'Stormy Weather' star Lena HORNE
'Thanks, Jacques!' MERCI
'The 25th Annual ___ County Spelling Bee' PUTNAM
'We Shall ___ Healed' (Mountain Goats album) ALLBE
'Why ___ thou use me thus?' ('King Lear' quote) DOST
'___ Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here' IMA
'___ tree falls...' IFA
Actress Gaynor MITZI
Asgard honcho ODIN
Barrett of Pink Floyd SYD
Biblical verb ending ETH
Big bookstore chain, for short BANDN
Capture anew, as a lost love's affection REWIN
Caress PET
Cell phone maker NOKIA
Charlie of recent temper tantrums SHEEN
Collector's goal SET
College gridiron event BOWLGAME
Confused ATSEA
Conventioneer's clip-on IDTAG
Doughboys GIS
El ___ (Chevy coupe) CAMINO
Fancy saloon of old GINPALACE
Format that beat Beta VHS
Fortunate INLUCK
Harmonia ___ (classical label) MUNDI
Illegal turn on a highway UIE
Important info for making connections ETA
Kwik-E-Mart owner APU
Letters that once preceded 'Nabisco' RJR
Lifts, as above a terrified audience HOISTS
Local school assoc. PTO
Mamet play about sexual harassment OLEANNA
Memory unit MEG
Movie starring Weird Al UHF
Multicolored gem OPAL
Nervous-making event in N. Korea NTEST
New York river, to locals THEHUDSON
One who might yell 'Clear!' EMT
Original D&D company TSR
Places with red pandas (and other animals I care much less about) ZOOS
Possible reason for an Air India discount HAJ
Precise, so to speak SURGICAL
Prefix with laryngology OTO
Pussycat's partner OWL
Reaching, as a climax ATTAINING
Ref. that added the word 'anally' in 2010 OED
Sci. for a gardener HORT
See 1-Across OFCONTROL
See 20-Across BLOODY
See 48-Across THROUGH
See 48-Across YOURWIRES
Shamus TEC
Singer Chris ISAAK
Some Heisman Trophy winners: Abbr. RBS
Some men's neckwear clips TIEBARS
Something for the force to show BADGE
Spacious building areas ATRIA
Stan Shmenge's brother, on 'SCTV' YOSH
Supermodel Sastre INES
Take the cake? EAT
Tease RIB
Ticket-buyer who stayed home (perhaps wisely) NOSHOW
Total ridiculousness ASININITY
Twin-___ (twofers, in adspeak) PAKS
Type of evergreen CONIFER
U2 song about 'Spider-Man' in general? BAD
U2 song about a common affliction for 'Spider-Man' performers? VERTIGO
U2 song about the aftermath of a 'Spider-Man' injury? NUMB
U2 song appropriate for many performers in 'Spider-Man'? IFALLDOWN
Vitamin bottle abbr. RDA
Web address, for short URL
With 17-Across, U2 song about most performances of 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark'? OUT
With 54-Across and 63-Across, U2 song about dangerous 'Spider-Man' rigging? TRIP
With 58-Across & 20-Across, U2 song about a disastrous 'Spider-Man' matinee? SUNDAY
___ de Cologne EAU
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