How many letters in the Answer?

The A.V Club Dec 29 2010

'Fast cash' sources ATMS
'Got it' ISEENOW
'Let me give you ___, pal' ATIP
'There's no ___ team!' IIN
'We ___ MSG' (restaurant claim) USENO
'You catch my drift' ETC
'___, sing America' (Langston Hughes line) ITOO
1984 cult film THISISSPINALTAP
Aggressive poker player RAISER
Approvals AOKS
Attacked CAMEAT
Big bird EMU
Catharsis RELEASE
Classic quote from 17-Across about modified amps, and an apt start to the coming 39-Across THESEGOTOELEVEN
Common potato RUSSET
Composer/actor John in a bunch of Jim Jarmusch movies LURIE
Confucius' dynasty CHOU
Crowd taunt almost always chanted in the key of F AIRBALL
Deeply unsatisfied, in a way SEXSTARVED
Denny's orders OMELETS
Director of 17-Across REINER
Dollar, casually CLAM
Drill instructors, e.g.: Abbr. NCOS
European trekking peaks ALPS
Feedbag bit OAT
Fist-pumping host of the early '90s ARSENIO
Flatbottom boat PONTOON
Former French colony in North Africa TUNISIA
Former Mr. Universe Ferrigno LOU
French revolutionary Jean-Paul stabbed in his own bathtub MARAT
Gaming first-timer NOOB
Gets going EMBARKS
Glam band with 'Round and Round' RATT
In secret SUBROSA
Lefty salad dressing brand NEWMANSOWN
Lennon/McCartney nonsense syllables OBLADI
Letters on some bottles of Hennessy VSOP
Losing tic-tac-toe line XOO
Lunar valleys RILLES
MLB's Cliff Lee, e.g. LHP
Morn's opposite EEN
NASCAR Hall of Fame designer I.M. PEI
Nautical assent AYE
Noted composer Brian ENO
Olympic Gold Medal skier Phil MAHRE
Oozing stuff GOO
Org. that held a 2010 'Trigger the Vote' registration campaign NRA
Orhan Pamuk's 'My Name ___' ISRED
Picked up at school, formally LEARNT
Plan to pay at 2:00 a.m., say RUNATAB
Renaissance masterpiece finished in 1499 PIETA
Rent-___ (mall guard) ACOP
Right-angle joints ELLS
See 59-Across NEWYEAR
Sharp KEEN
Some Art Deco pieces ERTES
Some chessmen: Abbr. KTS
Sound return? ECHO
Spanish island where Balearic Catalan is spoken MINORCA
Stop on a crawl, perhaps BRITISHPUB
Talk during a movie? NARRATE
Temptress SIREN
Terse post-work summary BUSYDAY
Very, very OHSO
Without detail VAGUELY
Word before Juan or Diego SAN
Zaire's Mobutu ___ Seko SESE
___'acte (intermission) ENTR
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