How many letters in the Answer?

The A.V Club Dec 09 2009

'Arrested Development' actress Portia de ___ ROSSI
'Chances are 'cause ___ a silly grin...' (Johnny Mathis line) IWEAR
'Darkman' director Sam RAIMI
'Does she ... or doesn't she?' brand CLAIROL
'Famous Potatoes' state IDAHO
'Hey, buddy, over here!' PSSST
'In excelsis ___' (holiday lyric) DEO
'It was ___ dream/I used to read Word Up magazine' (Biggie lyric) ALLA
'Ol' Man River' composer Jerome KERN
'What ___ mind reader?' AMIA
'___ says to the guy...' SOI
1980s Dodge hatchbacks OMNIS
36-Down offering WIFI
Artist's work? SCAM
Bad thing to block, in bar slang COCK
Barney Frank, e.g., briefly DEM
Big name in door-to-door sales AVON
Bob Barker game show, for short TPIR
Bus. bigwig EXEC
Canadian NHLer OILER
Company that introduced AIM AOL
Court climax VERDICT
Courtney Love band HOLE
Crosses on goth necklaces ANKHS
Cut ___ (dance) ARUG
Don't exist any longer WERE
Donkey noises HEEHAWS
Doubled, a Teletubby LAA
Drink classified as 'Nihonshu' SAKE
Dry out PARCH
Endangered baleen whale SEI
Football coach Parseghian ARA
For a minute AWHILE
Former fast flyer SST
Half a 'Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory' race OOMPA
Have power over, slangily OWN
High-intensity workout, for short CARDIO
How names are usually signed ININK
In a circular pattern CYCLIC
Infomercial guy Matthew in those question mark-covered suits LESKO
It follows 'Que' twice, in song SERA
It really grows on you HAIR
It takes balls CANNON
It's clipped on to show who you are IDTAG
John on the farm DEERE
Keeps time, in a way SNAPS
Like some flu strains AVIAN
Lurer on the Rhine LORELEI
Metal rocker Ronnie James DIO
Midyear reaction by those who forget their sunglasses? SUMMERFLINCHING
Moderate-length skirts MIDIS
Native Alaskan ALEUT
Noted robot maid ROSIE
Off the payroll AXED
One past twelve? TEEN
Ordeal CHORE
Outmoded data holder DISK
Prison knife SHIV
Punjabi prince RAJA
Puts on the radio AIRS
Retailer that shares logo colors with the Swedish flag IKEA
Sainte-___, Quebec City FOY
Salt-free seasoning brand MRSDASH
Samson's temptress DELILAH
Sealing victory by not moving? STATICCLINCHING
Spam header targeted toward men, and a hint to this week's theme ADDMOREINCHES
Stadium section TIER
The Mars Volta guitarist Rodriguez-Lopez OMAR
Totally enjoyed ATEUP
Tweaking a 'M*A*S*H' character? RADARPINCHING
Understand GET
Where many people work, using 29-Down CAFE
Whiskey ___ (Hollywood rock club) AGOGO
Wrangler maker JEEP
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