How many letters in the Answer?

The A.V Club Apr 11 2012

'J'accuse' author EMILEZOLA
'Let me go' MYTURN
'Press ___ key' ANY
'The Merry Widow' composer LEHAR
'Will it ever stop? ___ don't know...' ('Ice Ice Baby' lyric) YOI
'You Woke Up My Neighbourhood' singer Billy BRAGG
'___ sow, so shall...' ASYE
'___ Swings Lightly' (1958 vocal jazz album) ELLA
Actor Caviezel who played Jesus JIM
Actress Swinton of 'We Need To Talk About Kevin' TILDA
Almost all males, to Foghorn Leghorn SON
Bagel fish LOX
Bit of fabric banned by the NFL in 2001 DORAG
Catches, as a criminal NABS
Charging beast RHINO
Chew on some rawhide GNAW
Controversial driving video game, briefly GTA
Cosmo staffers, briefly EDS
Court figure REF
Cutoffs for picky toddlers? PBJCRUSTS
Encyclopedia discontinuing its 32-volume print version after 244 years BRITANNICA
Fix, as a coat lining MEND
From Japan's third most populous city OSAKAN
Gold Mario Bros. disc COIN
Hägar the Horrible's wife HELGA
Hereditary unit GENE
Hired thug GOON
Jo'burg's country RSA
Ken who plays Señor Chang on 'Community' JEONG
Kurosawa classic RAN
Lah-di-dah type SNOB
Large Asian country, to Laurent CHINE
Light blue bilingual Muppet ROSITA
Like old donuts STALE
Long cream puff ECLAIR
Losing tic-tac-toe line OXO
Lotion additive ALOE
Maze goal END
Medical abbr. for cardiac dysrhythmia IHB
Musical based on 'La Bohème' RENT
Nastase and Djokovic, for two NETMEN
Obliquely ASLANT
One may spread RUMOR
Orch. section with cellos STR
Part of 7-Across AUTO
Perched on ATOP
Petrol, stateside GAS
Predecessor to Spike TV TNN
Rank for a redshirt in 'Star Trek,' maybe ENSIGN
See 13-Across FORASLINKY
See 44-Across ACOOKIEJAR
Shelter that gets pitched TENT
Sherpas, nationally NEPALI
Some nest eggs IRAS
Suffixes for some diseases OSES
There's no accounting for them TASTES
Toll road: Abbr TPK
U-turn from WSW ENE
Valuable bridge holding ACE
Very, very ULTRA
Wimple wearer NUN
Wisconsin headquarters of S.C. Johnson RACINE
With 17-Across, something a kid can build only with the print (as opposed to the online) version of 65-Across EXTRASTEPS
With 35-Across, use for volumes of 65-Across in the kitchen STABILIZING
With 59-Across, short dessert lover's application of 65-Across REACHINGFOR
Work together COACT
___ facto IPSO
___ Loops FROOT
___ Palace (home of the president of France) ELYSEE
___ Wayne ('Prom Queen' rapper) LIL
___-Magnon man CRO
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