How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Sunday Nov 15 2009

"Eater" of Charlie Brown's kite TREE
"Fe fi" followers FOFUM
"Livin' Thing" band ELO
"Norma ___" RAE
"Rock-___ Baby" ABYE
"Well, you go ___ and I'll go mine" (Groucho) URUGUAY
"___ boy!" ATTA
Acting signals CUES
Actress Hathaway ANNE
Ali, before CLAY
Athenian lawgiver SOLON
Auctioneer's query DOIHEAR
Away from the wind ALEE
Back, as a horse BETON
Ball's guy ARNAZ
Band buy AMP
Beehive State athlete UTE
Brisk pace TROT
Carrere of "True Lies" TIA
Category the Pentagon uses instead of "other"? MISSILEANEOUS
Cigarette hazard TAR
Clinger to a hiker's sock BUR
Comfort SOLACE
Community bldgs. CTRS
Contemptuous of rubdowns done by women? MASSAGEYNISTIC
Cousin of a clog SABOT
Cult followers? ISTS
Dutch cheese EDAM
Elizabeth I's love ESSEX
Elroy's dog ASTRO
Erstwhile GM brand OLDS
Fermentation product, ___ oil FUSEL
Fully grasp REALIZE
Grate stuff ASH
Group with a whip SENATE
Habit of giving your word to everybody but never keeping it? PROMISECUITY
Hanson's smash single of 1997 MMMBOP
Has a powwow (with) MEETS
Haul LUG
Having a sweet taste that kind of sneaks up on you? SYRUPTITIOUS
Hit with a stun gun TASE
Imagined DREAMT
Inauguration recital OATH
Internationally popular comic book character created by Belgian artist Hergé TINTIN
Intro to "is it hot!" MAN
Intro to "you're swell" GEE
Iraq's second largest city MOSUL
It has a wet floor OCEAN
It's a wrap SARAN
It's not free of charge ION
Knife for Nanook ULU
Lang follower SYNE
Latin 101 word AMAS
Lawyers: Abbr. ATTYS
Ludacris song, "___ Fool" ACTA
Make wider DILATE
Malaria symptom AGUE
Military stint TOUR
Model airplane wood BALSA
Molded jelly ASPIC
Mondavi rival GALLO
More like fresh cake MOISTER
Ms. Krabappel's nemesis BART
NASCAR city, ___ Beach DAYTONA
NutraSweet's developer SEARLE
Odometer button RESET
Of an age when pork and mutton were pretty much all you ate? MEATYEVAL
Old electrical unit that's 31 Down backward MHO
One more time AGAIN
Organically grown herbal medicines? FARMACEUTICALS
Out of it INAFOG
P.M. whose jacket caught on NEHRU
Padre's compadre, e.g. AMIGO
Pasta alternative RISOTTO
Pay or Cray ending OLA
Pepcid rival TAGAMET
Percussion instruments GONGS
Perennial failures LOSERS
Performs deep-tissue manipulation on ROLFS
Pertaining to puzzle events that benefit charities? FILLINTHROPIC
Pie nut PECAN
Pilgrim's pronoun THEE
Place to stay HOTEL
Plant's ending ATION
Potting need SOIL
Presidential daughter, ___ Baines Johnson LUCI
Priest's ending ESS
Process of growing grass for cows? PASTUREIZATION
Put a match to IGNITE
Radical '70s grp. SLA
Ready for roasting, rotisserie-style ONASPIT
Resistance unit OHM
Rights defender ACLU
Rocket from Roddick SERVE
Rubber hub AKRON
Rummy laydown MELD
Safari sighting LION
Samurai's sash OBI
See 12 Down ARABIA
Self-serving aims, often AGENDAS
Sentry's place POST
Separates UNLINKS
Shoe part TOE
Skipped town FLED
Skunk's defence ODOUR
Slow critter SNAIL
Small-town boy OPIE
Social system under which nothing ever gets better? FUTILEISM
Some perfect throws SPIRALS
Some with controversial salaries CEOS
Sow chow SLOP
Spotted ESPIED
Subj. with projects SCI
Subsides ABATES
Sugar suffix OSE
Summer ermine STOAT
Table pieces LAMPS
Tawdry gossip DIRT
Test, as patience TRY
The Braves, on scoreboards ATL
The fan mail that backup singers get? CHORUSPONDENCE
This may shock you EEL
Thrusting move, in fencing PASSADO
Tie type ASCOT
Tied the knot SAIDIDO
To smithereens APART
Tom Sawyer affirmative YESM
Treasury Dept. arm IRS
Tributes in verse ODES
TV journalist Mitchell ANDREA
Type of rehab DETOX
Undercover SECRET
Very, to Veronique TRES
Vito's ill-fated thug LUCA
Von Bismarck et al. OTTOS
With 19 Across, an oil-rich nation SAUDI
Word after glom ONTO
Words after count or let MEIN
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