How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Sunday Nov 08 2009

"--- Got a Crush on You" IVE
"... that try --- souls" MENS
"CSI" concerns CRIMES
"Eureka" and "Excelsior" MOTTOES
"Phooey!" RATS
"The Schnoz" DURANTE
"Who'da --- it?" THUNK
"You there!" HEY
"Zounds!" EGAD
1950 MacArthur victory INCHON
Aberdeen instrument BAGPIPE
Atkins of the Opry CHET
Beef cut RUMP
Bette Davis had two OSCARS
Big lug APE
Blend MELD
Bloody Mary veggie CELERY
Bob of "Full House" SAGET
Bonkers BATTY
Brooklyn ending ITE
Bytes or bucks opener MEGA
Camp sight TENT
Cantata composer BACH
Card or Met NLER
Carrot Top et al. REDHEADS
Castor's mother LEDA
Cat's dog PAW
Chest item TOY
Clandestine COVERT
Clarinet cousins OBOES
Claudius' successor NERO
Corn servings EARS
Cougar PUMA
Crucial trials ACIDTESTS
Cruise's "Cocktail" co-star SHUE
D.W. Griffith, e.g. DIR
Damon or Dillon MATT
Dash abbr. MPH
Delt neighbor LAT
Designer Thierry MUGLER
Did lunch ATE
Diffusion through a membrane DIALYSIS
Discus great Al OERTER
Downfall RUIN
Driver's aid, in brief GPS
Duration SPAN
Dutch cheese EDAM
Egyptian sun god AMENRA
Enterprise offering elation? DELIGHTINGINDUSTRY
Ers' kin UMS
Eurasian range URALS
Figs. NOS
Gangsters' gal pals MOLLS
German toast PROSIT
Give the meaning of fitness? DEFINEFETTLE
Global warming casualty GLACIER
Go for a spin? REEL
Granola cousin MUESLI
Groove on the farm FURROW
Guitar great Paul LES
Haphazard RANDOM
Heidi of fashion KLUM
Honolulu palace IOLANI
Hypotheticals IFS
Impulse URGE
Insurance outlay PREMIUM
It was dry in "American Pie" LEVEE
La Bombeck ERMA
Lady Macbeth's order OUT
Lady Mountbatten EDWINA
Lastly, in Limoges ENFIN
Legendary football coach STAGG
Lemony SOUR
Less inhibited FREER
Like so THUS
Liquor in a fizz GIN
Longtime Louis Armstrong label DECCA
Lose traction SKID
Make stuff up LIE
Merit attention? DESERVETIME
Mindset like James Randi's? DEBUNKERMENTALITY
Mocking while tripping? DERIDINGHIGH
More sultry MUGGIER
Most ironic WRYEST
Muppets creator HENSON
Music store purchase CDTOWER
Nerve network RETE
Nice scream CRI
Not listened to UNHEARD
Old protest org. SDS
Once, long ago ERST
Ordinal ending ETH
Parker's "Sex and the City" role BRADSHAW
Passau pastry STRUDEL
Pea coat? POD
Pianist Gilels EMIL
Potential pay dirt ORE
Pupil's place IRIS
Quire members SHEETS
Rainbow creator PRISM
Raised road markers BOTTSDOTS
Rehab goal SOBRIETY
Rein on a tyrant? DESPOTCHECK
Remains by the fire ASHES
Reside DWELL
Running track OVAL
Screen's Tessie or Milo OSHEA
Severn joiner AVON
Some Hermitage hangings MATISSES
Sphinx's poser RIDDLE
Stir-fried noodle dish LOMEIN
Stitch's pal LILO
Strips in a chair SLATS
Studies sentences PARSES
Sushi staple TUNA
Swear AVOW
Tavern keeper TAPSTER
The same partner ONE
This, to Anais CET
Tiny shape-shifter AMOEBA
Tire type RADIAL
Twangy NASAL
Twine CORD
Use scissors SNIP
USO audience GIS
Went over REHASHED
Winnebago, for one LAKE
Without a racket NOISELESS
Wonderment AWE
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