How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Sunday Nov 04 2007

"Anastasia" director Litvak ANATOLE
"Gee willikers!" GOSH
"Green Acres" oinker ARNOLD
"Laughter in the Rain" singer SEDAKA
"Tell It Like It Is" singer Aaron NEVILLE
--- the crack of dawn UPAT
... for game show fans? NAMETHATTUNA
... for mobsters? THESOUPRANOS
... for morticians? PIGSFEETUNDER
... for puppet fans? KUGELFRANANDOLLIE
... for single white females? SEXANDTHEZITI
... for Southwest lawyers? PETROCHILI
... for struggling actresses? THATGRILL
... for Western heroes? HOPALONGCASSEROLE
... With 103A, for mama's boys? EVERYBODY
18D's invention GIN
Adaptable trucks UTES
Agamemnon's father ATREUS
Agnus or Opus follower DEI
Algonquin hotel? TEPEE
Arab name part IBN
Athos "et" Aramis NOMS
B.C.E. concluder ERA
Bandleader Eberle or Bloch RAY
Bandleader Lombardo GUY
Bandleaders Lewis and Weems TEDS
Baseball's Piniella LOU
Beatles' "--- in the Life" ADAY
Big key ENTER
Bilk the clarinetist ACKER
Blow over PASS
Brass band biggie TUBA
Buckle up STRAPIN
Bureaucratic requirements REDTAPE
Cannes' Palme --- prize DOR
Capital of Liberia? ELL
Capital of Senegal? ESS
Choler IRE
Comparison word THAN
Connect with TIETO
Country music's Jessi COLTER
Disinclined AVERSE
Do very well THRIVE
Dog walker's needs LEASHES
Dogie catchers LASSOS
Dyess Air Force Base site ABILENE
Ellerbee or Lavin LINDA
Facilitate EASE
Fail to mention OMIT
Fifth O.T. book DEUT
Film dubber's concern SYNCH
Five-time Horse of the Year KELSO
Frustrated cry AARGH
Genre ILK
Give a gander EYE
Glorified gofer AIDE
Gotten up ARISEN
Hatcher of "Desperate Housewives" TERI
Helena and Max's rival ESTEE
Hung gracefully DRAPED
Inspiration for poets ERATO
Is down with HAS
It makes scents ATTAR
Kennel cry ARF
Kids skip it ROPE
Kind of friendly USER
Lauderdale neighbor BOCA
Leaves for a drink TEA
Lexicographer's concern USAGE
Like some vbs. IRR
Like wee 'uns LIL
Los Angeles indoor football player AVENGER
Loser to DDE AES
Manipulate RIG
Maw's mate PAW
Meathead's mother-in-law EDITH
Met men TENORS
Missouri tributary PLATTE
Monicagate figure TRIPP
More south of the border MAS
More work UTOPIA
Morse code sound DAH
Mountain of myth IDA
Moved suddenly DARTED
Muslim messiah MAHDI
Nanette's notion IDEE
Natural viewpoint HILLTOP
Non-network stations INDIES
Nubia, today SUDAN
Old Vegas landmark SANDS
Optical areas UVEAS
Pantomime buffoon PIERROT
Pat's TV co-star VANNA
Penultimate state ALASKA
Phases out ENDS
Plain rain terrain SPAIN
Pola of the silents NEGRI
Pond plant ALGA
Prefix meaning bone OSTE
Prose pros EDITORS
Providing peace and quiet RESTFUL
Reddish-brown AUBURN
Renoir's refusals NONS
Rep.'s counterpart SEN
Rho follower SIGMA
Roomy places? MOTELS
Rotates rapidly WHIRLS
Rural sts. RDS
Second-hand circuit MINUTE
Sermon ender IZE
Shah Pahlavi REZA
Shoot down NIX
Showed contempt SNEERED
Showery mo. APR
Sniggler's catch EEL
Stanley of "The Devil Wears Prada" TUCCI
Staying power STAMINA
Stephen of "Copenhagen" REA
Sykes of standup WANDA
Take to the station RUNIN
They're from hunger PANGS
Those guys THEM
Throw off the track DERAIL
Tony winner Hagen's namesakes UTAS
Tot tender NANNY
Traffic tie-ups SNARLS
Used chairs SAT
Village high point STEEPLE
Walden, for one POND
Wave setting, sometimes ARENA
When day --- ISDONE
Where some haircuts stop NAPE
Where Tell did dwell URI
Workplace safety org. OSHA
WWII female flier WAF
Yale grad Whitney ELI
Zero- --- game SUM
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