How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Sunday May 29 2011

" 'Golden' is one of my favorite ___" MCCULLERS
"... and had to ___ before the throne ..." MCNEILL
"... and just like that, I was a ___! ..." MCKNIGHT
"... but a second later there won't be a ___ in the sky" MCCLOUD
"... Love at first sight? No, she just didn't want to ___ any more! Then I woke up" MCGOVERN
"... sitting on my ___ all day" MCCANN
"... Then the ___ said she wanted to run away with me! ..." MCQUEEN
"Anyway, my deadline's apìproachìing. I better get ___" MCCRACKEN
"At pubs I always order a ___" MCGINNIS
"At Thanksgiving, I'm the designated ___" MCCARVER
"At weddings I always kiss the ___" MCBRIDE
"Beat it!" SCRAM
"Black gold" bloc OPEC
"Do I have to draw you ___?" AMAP
"Don't get me wrong constructing crosswords is fun. What takes forever is the ___" MCLUHAN
"I always drive in the ___" MCFARLANE
"I once dreamt I was brought before a royal ___ ..." MCCOURT
"I've started calling myself a '___ of letters' " MCMAHON
"My favorite western is ___" MCSHANE
"Otherwise, I'll just get ___ ..." MCPHATTER
"Outside it might be ___ ..." MCRANEY
"That's all ___!" INEED
"U.S.S.R.," to a Soviet CCCP
"When friends need help, I get the ___" MCCALL
"You there!" HEY
"___, Hot Summer" THELONG
107 Across et al. EDS
190 CXC
Actress Brennan EILEEN
Actress Sandra DEE
Ars ___ (sorcery) MAGICA
Asian nation, with 127 Across SAUDI
Author Levin IRA
Badly or hardly ILL
Beer alternatives ALES
Bounder CAD
Boxing ringer BELL
Busy centers HUBS
Card game GIN
Casual day: abbr. FRI
Caustic cleaner LYE
CEO degrees MBAS
Coffee server URN
Compass pt. NNE
Completely ALL
Corrida shout OLE
Cuisine mushroom CEPE
Customer USER
Depend (on) RELY
Director Lee ANG
Dot follower COM
Drive back REPEL
Drive-___ THRU
Elbow grease EXERTION
Encrusting CAKING
ET's craft UFO
Ex-Israeli P.M. MEIR
Eye, to Enrique OJO
Fine AOK
French friend AMIE
Gene form ALLELE
George's bill ONE
German article DER
German pronoun ICH
Grand ___ (great vintage, in French) CRU
Grant portrayer ASNER
Greek letter PSI
Half a Hungarian? ZSA
Has-___ BEEN
Hobbes's pal CALVIN
Hockey's Phil ESPOSITO
Hocks again REPAWNS
Human or whale MAMMAL
In a creepy way EERILY
It merged with Air France KLM
James Cameron epic AVATAR
Jelly container JAR
La-la lead-in TRA
Lamb's lament BAA
Land measure ACRE
Layered rock SHALE
Lethal coiler BOA
Letter opener SIR
Like he-men MACHO
Like krypton INERT
Like some vbs. IRREG
Like Tim TINY
Long tales SAGAS
Lunch or brunch MEAL
Machine part CAM
Male swan COB
Manhattan sch. NYU
Mao's top army commander, Chu ___ TEH
Marijuana ingredient THC
Merry, to Mimi GAI
Meter preceder ODO
Ms. Fitzgerald ELLA
Muckraker's first name UPTON
Music fan's container CDCASE
Neighbor of Md. DEL
Nogales aunt TIA
Of the U.S. AMER
Ohio city AKRON
One with a record CON
Orem's home UTAH
Ozone pollutant: abbr. CFC
Palindromic name ADA
Pasteur's sci. CHEM
Play parts SCENES
Play parts ACT
Polite wd. PLS
Primary MAIN
Primrose, e.g. PATH
Public protest OUTCRY
Puncture opening ACU
Put a dent in MAR
Quickly, quickly ASAP
Read quickly SCAN
Recorder button PAUSE
Reddy's "___ Woman" IAM
Roadie's burden AMP
See 65 Down ARABIA
Shar-___ PEI
Simile center ASA
Soccer's Hamm MIA
Solemn vow OATH
Some bacteria COCCI
Spanish article LOS
Status ___ QUO
Summa ___ laude CUM
Swerves VEERS
That actress HER
This clue squared, plus itself CCCVI
TiVo forerunners VCRS
Toy terriers YORKIES
Trip segment LEG
Very much DEARLY
Was out of control CAREENED
Welcomer GREETER
Wily SLY
Winkler role THEFONZ
Wisconsin city RACINE
World finance org. IMF
WWII theater ETO
Zenith rival RCA
Zodiac sign LEO
___ a victory EKINGOUT
___ Simbel ABU
___'s Ice Cream EDY
___-sahib MEM
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