How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Sunday May 22 2011

"Brave New World" drug SOMA
"Got it," to a gob AYE
"M*A*S*H" co-star SWIT
"She doesn't know me ___" FROMADAM
"The Pilot's Wife" author Shreve ANITA
"___ loves me ..." SHE
"___ old for this!" IMTOO
124 Down's "Rocky" III
Actor known for wearing gold MRT
Actress Deborah KERR
Admits frankly AVOWS
After the bell LATE
Alliance formed under HST NATO
Angler, at times BAITER
Anti-"pests in general" product? THEVERMINATOR
Anti-amphibian product? TOADAWAY
Anti-crop pest product? DELIVERUSFROMWEEVILS
Anti-dandruff product? FLAKEOFF
Anti-dysentery product? ADIOSAMOEBAS
Anti-faucet leak product? KNOCKOUTDRIPS
Anti-fungus product (with an Elton John jingle)? GOODBYEYELLOWISHMOLD
Anti-grape stain product? SQUELCHES
Anti-insect product? LOOKMANOANTS
Apportion (out) METE
Arkin-Falk comedy, "The ___" INLAWS
Author Deighton LEN
Avoid SHUN
Baseball team NINE
Black Sea port dweller ODESSAN
Blithe MERRY
Building blocks of a sort LEGOS
Canned heat? STERNO
Carrier to Oslo SAS
Cell phone company NOKIA
Chance for many to sleep in SATURDAY
Change genetically MUTATE
Chimp in space ENOS
Chow down uptown DINE
Circular snack OREO
Clue-sniffing dog ASTA
Court figs. DAS
Cribbage need PEG
DEA agent's find KILO
Debussy contemporary SATIE
Depp-Landau film EDWOOD
Deuce topper TREY
Draft ratings ONEAS
Drillmasters? OILMEN
Either co-founder of Apple STEVE
Elvis-suit features SEQUINS
Emil's "Blue Angel" co-star MARLENE
Emulate Tommy Moe SKI
Evita's guy JUAN
Fashion first name OLEG
Finland, to the Finns SUOMI
Followed ENSUED
Former Dodge model NEON
Former surgeon-general KOOP
French Revolution figure DANTON
Girl in the house SIS
Green target HOLE
Hangs loose SAGS
He directed Eastwood in the 1960s LEONE
He threw seven no-hitters RYAN
Henner of "Taxi" MARILU
Hubbub TODO
Impede, variantly STYMY
Innumerable MYRIAD
Irrationally afraid PHOBIC
It gets hammered ANVIL
Joke target BUTT
Joseph of ice cream fame EDY
Kick-off prop TEE
Kin of "presto" VOILA
Knight stick LANCE
Landing info ETA
Long or now preceder ERE
Lovably odd KOOKY
Lower the beam DIM
Main dish ENTREE
Manhattan Project VIP FERMI
Meal starter? OAT
Mideast gulf ADEN
Mil. trials CMS
Money spent OUTGO
Morse word DIT
Mr. Prokofiev SERGEI
Mr. Stravinsky IGOR
Nick's wife and others NORAS
Not well-known OBSCURE
NYC gambling sign OTB
Ohio city AKRON
Oliver Stone epic JFK
On ___ (fleeing) THELAM
One of Martin Sheen's sons EMILIO
Pahrump's state: abbr. NEV
Palooka GALOOT
Parenthesis alternative EMDASH
Parisian pronoun TOI
Path to a pew AISLE
PINs, e.g. NOS
Pitching stats ERAS
Preexisting condition? ASIS
Propulsion poles OARS
Puts straight ALIGNS
Quiver filler ARROWS
Red river? LAVA
Renounce ABJURE
Rice vampire LESTAT
Role for Harrison HAN
Rooter opening ROTO
Rx watchdog FDA
Saloon selection ALE
Self starter? AUTO
Service charges FEES
Silo filler GRAIN
Simple to use, as a product ONESTEP
Solvent compounds KETONES
Spy org. CIA
Stuff in a cell RNA
Supreme Court first name until 2006 SANDRA
Tampa has one BAY
Teacher of a sort RABBI
That cad HIM
Toscanini, e.g. MAESTRO
Toscanini, e.g. ITALIAN
Toy with a string KITE
Track, often OVAL
TV military drama that spun off "NCIS" JAG
Twosome DUO
UK record label EMI
Up in the air IFFY
Verve ELAN
Was in theaters RAN
Wilhelm I's realm PRUSSIA
Word after naked or private EYE
Words to live by CREDO
Worthless stuff DROSS
___ choy BOK
___-Foy, Quebec STE
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