How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Sunday Mar 28 2010

"And ___ every word!" IMEANT
"Bless you" preceder ACHOO
"Danged ___ know" IFI
"Solaris" author LEM
"Wizard of Oz" farmhand ZEKE
1921 defendant SACCO
1950s crooner famously fired on live TV LAROSA
20 per cent of DLXV CXIII
69 Across neighbor OKLA
A suit CLUBS
Abby's twin ANN
Ace's value, sometimes ELEVEN
Acid neutralizer ALKALI
Actress Carter and an LBJ daughter LYNDAS
Actress who wed David Duchovny TEALEONI
Adding up (to) AMOUNTING
An ex of Mickey AVA
Arm bones ULNAS
Artist El ___ GRECO
Aussie gem OPAL
Bag, in brand names SAK
Baked artwork CERAMICS
Bank add-on FEE
Bard's nightfall EEN
Body of work OEUVRE
Bomber technology STEALTH
Burning AFLAME
Buster? NARC
Candle holder SCONCE
Card hugs OOO
Castor and Pollux's mom LEDA
Chick on the piano COREA
Clumsy one OAF
Compass pt. ENE
Concerning INRE
Country singer Fricke JANIE
Cousins of gurus SWAMIS
Crest rival GLEEM
Dandy FOP
Decide officially RULE
Delight JOY
Devilfish MANTA
Do studio work ACT
Duster's target CROP
Elks' org. BPOE
Fair one in fairy tales DAMSEL
Fathers SIRES
Feeling fine WELL
Field marshals? REFS
Finding ___ (research goal) ACURE
Firefighters, often RESCUERS
Flagstaff sch. NAU
Fleece source ALPACA
Fowl pole? PERCH
Frenzied MANIC
Funny Fanny BRICE
Geometry giant EUCLID
HAL's deactivator DAVE
Hammer type BALLPEEN
Herb you may regret buying? RUE
Hip '60s types MODS
Hot-rod rod AXLE
Humiliate ABASE
Husky treat? TAMALE
Increases UPS
Island adornment LEI
Julia's Oscar role ERIN
Just around the corner ATHAND
King with three daughters LEAR
Knight's weapon LANCE
Kramden's sound effect POW
Law symbol BAR
Less risky SAFER
Like some victories LOPSIDED
Lit. monogram GBS
Long introduction? ERE
Malraux's "___ Fate" MANS
Man of La Mancha SENOR
Minimal teams DUOS
Morse bit DAH
Mountain cats PUMAS
Mrs. of cow renown OLEARY
Ms. Zadora PIA
Musical sensitivity EAR
Numskull DOPE
Of prisons PENAL
On the bus ABOARD
Only okay MEDIOCRE
Pack animal BURRO
Panel hosts, e.g. PRESIDERS
Parisian pronoun LUI
Passionate FERVID
Physicist Sakharov ANDREI
Premieres OPENINGS
Presidential ___ AIDE
Profit add-on EER
Quaint souvenir CURIO
Rattler's need SABER
Rights slogan on bumper stickers, ca. 1980 ERAYES
Rod squad?: Abbr. NRA
She played Shirley on TV CINDY
Slammer PEN
Slow throw LOB
Some Japanese-Americans NISEI
Some pipes CORNCOBS
Soup veggie OKRA
Space walk, to NASA EVA
Spew like oil GUSH
Split (up), as proceeds DIVVY
Staff symbol GCLEF
Style of a room DECOR
Take a little bit from DIPINTO
Teuton's two ZWEI
The 3M Co. et al. MFRS
Tom Jones hit, "She's ___" ALADY
Tony and Gina's "Trapeze" co-star BURT
Tony winner Moore MELBA
Took action against SUED
Tweety's voice MEL
Undercover device WIRE
Up ___ (indignant) INARMS
Use binoculars, perhaps SPY
Very alluring FOXY
VIP's introduction VERY
Wee hour TWOAM
Where Lawrence is: abbr. KAN
Where to live and learn? DORM
Wooden pin DOWEL
Write quickly JOT
Young Taylor OPIE
___ "___" ___ (actor who doesn't work cheap?) MAXAMILLIONSCHELL
___ "___" ___ (author of the first hip-hop almanac?) BENJAMMINFRANKLIN
___ "___" ___ (author with a really smooth writing style?) ALEXSANDERDUMAS
___ "___" ___ (film star-turned-hairstylist?) MALCOMBMCDOWELL
___ "___" ___ (first guy to say, "I don't like your type face"?) ALFONTSCAPONE
___ "___" ___ (great actor but not-so-great golfer?) CHRISDUFFERWALKEN
___ "___" ___ (writer of a popular food column?) WILLYUMSAFIRE
___ on (victimized) PREYED
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