How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Sunday Jun 18 2006

""--- bleu!"" SACRE
"Far out, dude!" AWESOME
"Feed ---, starve..." ACOLD
"Greenback Dollar" singer Axton HOYT
"Hair" co-writer James RADO
"Highway to Heaven" co-star VICTORFRENCH
"The Duke of Flatbush" SNIDER
--- sci POLI
Actor Cariou LEN
Actor Donahue's namesakes TROYS
Acts grandmotherly DOTES
Aerobic exercise part STEP
Animals BEASTS
Aviary syllables TWEETS
Bend with the breeze SWAY
Better place? VEGAS
Big name in insurance LLOYDS
Biology variety MOLECULAR
Book of "la Biblia" MATEO
Break one's back TOIL
Buffet delicacy CAVIAR
Buildings and land REALTY
Car bar STRUT
CD- --- ROM
Cgs units ERGS
Chat room "editorially speaking" IMO
Chocolate or cherry FLAVOR
Classic Jaguar series XKE
Collectible fit for the czars FABERGEEGG
Commandment word SHALT
Convexity BULGE
Cult figure IDOL
Cupid's counterpart EROS
Deco doyen ERTE
Diam. halves RADS
Disco-era footwear PLATFORMS
Downward spiral TAILSPIN
Eggs-tender? HEN
Elevator man OTIS
Encyc. section VOL
Endured anew RELIVED
Erase tape DEGAUSS
Ewe's mews BAAS
Exhaust oneself RUNOUTOFSTEAM
Eye site UVEA
Far from form-fitting BAGGY
Fill to excess CLOY
Fingerprint components WHORLS
Flip or bun HAIRDO
Four wintry wks. FEB
Georgia university EMORY
Get, as profit REAP
Gets the gold WINS
Grouse MOAN
He played the King YUL
Heavy-duty consequences THEDEVILTOPAY
High hill TOR
Hindu honorific SRI
Hog fat LARD
Homeric stay-at-home PENELOPE
Horatian creations ODES
International relief org. OXFAM
Iron man? ROBOT
It may be after lunch EON
It's got ewe covered WOOL
It's inspired AIR
Jennings on "Jeopardy!" KEN
Joy of "The View" BEHAR
Juliet took one POTION
Kinda questionable HINKY
Laugh line, e.g. CREASE
Laugh lines GAGS
Letter flourish SERIF
List heading TODO
Loch Lomond local SCOT
Logged some Zs SLEPT
Lorry fuel PETROL
Lose zip TIRE
Madrid "muchacha" SENORITA
Maintenance CARE
Making a quivering mass of REDUCINGTOJELLY
Mark of a ruler INCH
McCartney's instrument BASS
Miles of film VERA
Mini-preview TEASER
More than adequate AMPLE
Nattily dressed CHIC
Nina's sister ship PINTA
Nonacademic degree NTH
Not at all eager LOATH
Not up to much IDLE
Paint mixer's option TINT
Palindromic time EVE
Part of a guilt admission CULPA
Pass over SKIP
PC programs, briefly APPS
Pol's self-serving appropriation PORKBARREL
Porker pen STY
Possible POWs MIAS
Punch line OOF
Puppeteer Lewis SHARI
Put a cap on LIMIT
R. Murrow or G. Robinson EDWARD
Rachel Carson classic SILENTSPRING
Ruffles feathers RILES
Satirist Sahl MORT
Setting for a set SALON
Sierra Nevada resort TAHOE
Sign off on OKAY
Sliding runners SKIS
Sodom survivor LOT
Speak Pekingese? YAP
Speculative fiction, for short SCIFI
Spencer Davis Group hit IMAMAN
Spy on the inside MOLE
Squid secretion INK
Sta- --- (Downy competitor) PUF
Starting with FROM
Stead LIEU
Suffers from HAS
Teammate of 77D REESE
Teaspoon, often DOSE
Test the water? SIP
Thompson of "Nanny McPhee" EMMA
Tibetan monk LAMA
To be, to Satie ETRE
Tournament ranking SEED
Toys that go 'round the world? YOYOS
Trivial talk PIFFLE
Trunk contents? SAP
TV show stoppers ADS
Two smackers LIPS
UCLA legend Wooden JOHN
UK defenders RAF
Unexcitable STOIC
Waste watchers? EPA
White alternative RYE
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