How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Sunday Jun 10 2007

"Blue Moon" doo-woppers MARCELS
"Ciao, amigo" ADIOS
"Double Fantasy" figure LENNON
"Good work!" NICEJOB
"I Wanna Be Sedated" singers RAMONES
"If all --- fails...' ELSE
"In medias ---" RES
"Needle," "magnetic" and "north"? COMPASSWORDS
"Not --- bet!" ONA
"Smokey and the Bandit" wheels TRANSAM
"Soap" spin-off BENSON
"That sounds wonderful!" OOH
"Toodle-oo" BYE
--- cum laude SUMMA
91A followers ENS
A driver often hits it BRAKE
A strong one may be found in a gym ODOR
Actor Cryer JON
An original Baby Bell NYNEX
Angel's hope HIT
Apple pie order? ALAMODE
As a group ENMASSE
Atty. assn. ABA
Aural overload DIN
Bandleader Shaw ARTIE
Barker or Luthor LEX
Beyond sarcastic ACID
Brit's chip CRISP
Cameo, e.g. ROLE
Cap rock may cap them MESAS
Chemical kin ISOTOPE
Church keys? ORGAN
City silhouette SKYLINE
Closed curve ELLIPSE
Coll. cadets ROTC
Continuous sound HUM
Couch potato's state INERTIA
Cravat controllers TIEPINS
Cut corners SKIMP
DDE's wartime arena ETO
Denver's elevation MILE
Dress' upper part BODICE
Early 20th-c. car REO
Early times MORNS
Either 2004 candidate ELI
Employ anew REUSE
English cathedral town ELY
Enterprise enterprise TREK
Ethno or con follower CENTRIC
Even if ALBEIT
Extolling enclosures? COMMENDINGFENCES
Female fighter? COMBATWOMAN
Flabbergast STUN
Follower of Agnus or Opus DEI
Ford flops EDSELS
Formicary resident ANT
Future frog TADPOLE
Galoot OAF
Grownup ADULT
Holder of 1000+ patents EDISON
Imperils MENACES
Influence AFFECT
It might follow i POD
It might follow i MAC
Jack-o'lantern feature GRIN
Lane of Metropolis LOIS
Less unhealthy SOUNDER
Lorelei's river RHINE
Magnate "dell'arte"? COMMEDIAMOGUL
Make up your mind OPT
Mama Elliot CASS
Manufacture MAKE
Marilyn's monogram EMS
Match goose to eider? COMPAREDOWN
Met expectations? OPERAS
Midi terminus CALF
Mil. entertainers USO
Military storage space DEPOT
Multi-purp. truck UTE
New Orleans pro SAINT
Not in use FREE
Off-white shade ALMOND
Olympic maximum TEN
Opening word? SESAME
Out of style PASSE
Oversweet substance TREACLE
Paintbrush alternative ROLLER
Push the envelope? MAIL
Rainy-day road hazard WASHOUT
Raymond Burr's TV sleuth IRONSIDE
Record replacers CDS
Robert De --- NIRO
Roll-call reply HERE
Scapegoat PATSY
Scents organs NOSES
Scott who played Chachi BAIO
Sen. Barack OBAMA
Seven-day WEEKLONG
She quit chasin' Jason MEDEA
Simon & Garfunkel hit CECILIA
Sitcom planet ORK
Some catch them on a beach RAYS
Some MOMA paintings DALIS
Soothe the Duke? COMFORTWAYNE
Soothing salve BALM
Speak sloppily SLUR
Start of Caesar's boast VENI
Stern with a bow ISAAC
Submissions to eds. MSS
Super group? KEYS
Surround BESET
Taper off ABATE
Thou squared MIL
Throat-clearing sound AHEM
Tokyo, in the past EDO
Toon pooch --- Doo SCOOBY
Treas. Dept. rep TMAN
Two-legged livestock FOWL
Westwood mascot BRUIN
What sets a straphanger on autopilot? COMMUTEBUTTON
Where St. Pete is FLA
Win in jousting UNHORSE
Winless horse MAIDEN
Wistful wish YEN
Word for a German count EINS
Word of possibility MAY
Word with chick or cow PEA
Wyo. neighbor COLO
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