How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Sunday Jul 25 2010

"--- be dreaming!" IMUST
"--- Beso" ESO
"... against --- of troubles" ASEA
"Bobby" subject, briefly RFK
"Comunista" who ousted Batista CASTRO
"Get a Job" syllables NANA
"Just ---!" ASEC
"Of Thee ---" ISING
"Runaway" rocker Shannon DEL
"Sorta" suffix ISH
"Then what?" AND
"Vino" venue ASTI
"Wow!" GEE
--- "Mutual Friend" OUR
--- many words INSO
A "Law & Order" SVU
Alpes-Maritimes resort ANTIBES
Asian plateau projectile? TIBETANMISSILE
Audacious SASSY
B'way sellout sign SRO
Barrel dregs LEES
Benton of "Playboy" fame BARBI
Big deal ADO
Big mouths MAWS
Blender button PUREE
Bluster GAS
Body images? TATS
Bollywood wrap SARI
Burden LOAD
Bygone celeb-sighting eatery CHASENS
Cheer competitor ALL
Concealed stuff SECRETS
Corday stabbed him in the bath MARAT
Defame baseball's Doubleday? LIBELABNER
Depended RELIED
eBay action BID
Electra's brother ORESTES
Ending for Euclid EAN
Everly Brothers hit BIRDDOG
Extinction exemplar DODO
Extort BLEED
Flabbergast FLOOR
Gets through to REACHES
Got just right NAILED
Grass skirt go-with LEI
Have Alex in the lead? STARTREBEK
Hecuba's husband PRIAM
Hellenic H ETA
Highchair neckwear BIB
Hire, as an attorney RETAIN
Holed up HID
Hoover, for one DAM
Idaho motto word ESTO
Innovative SEMINAL
It's a laugh HAH
Ivanhoe's love ROWENA
Jefferson veep BURR
Journalism legend Ida TARBELL
Just out NEW
Juvenal's genre SATIRE
Knock or brat ender WURST
Large vase URN
Legit "Lakmé" composer? KOSHERDELIBES
Less robust FEEBLER
Licorice-flavored liqueur ANISETTE
Like a freezer free of Häagen-Dazs? OUTOFSORBETS
Litigators' org. ABA
Lompoc lockup CELL
Mamie's predecessor BESS
Mideast sultanate OMAN
Mil. ranks LTS
Monstrous INHUMAN
Moral makeup of Kirk's clan? DOUGLASFIBER
Musical intervals NINTHS
Mystery writer Buchanan EDNA
Norm of "This Old House" ABRAM
North Carolina cape FEAR
Outback bird EMU
Panoramas VIEWS
Pep up LIVEN
Personal identity ONESELF
Phifer of "ER" MEKHI
Picket line crossers SCABS
Pitching great Warren SPAHN
Place for piercings EARLOBE
Plane figure? AIRFARE
Plant SOW
Player who spelled Ruth? BABESRELIEF
Pong maker ATARI
Port of Yemen ADEN
Puccini classic TOSCA
Put on guard WARNED
Qt. halves PTS
Ranchero's rope RIATA
Recuperation requirement BEDREST
Rigg role PEEL
Rock's Mötley --- CRUE
Run like a scared rabbit SKITTER
Russ. neighbor NOR
Russian villa DACHA
Scottish hill BRAE
Scoundrel CUR
Sells off DIVESTS
Shake a tail WAG
Sharing gossip DISHING
Shifting sharply VEERING
Siskiyou County seat YREKA
Skedaddle LAM
Sludge GOO
Smart or Smiley SPY
Smokey, early on BEARCUB
Some pricy sweaters MOHAIRS
Son of Odin THOR
Sounded off RAILED
Spoken ORAL
Stockings HOSE
Succeed ENSUE
Teensy WEE
Tourney type PROAM
Trudges SLOGS
Two in Peru DOS
Two of Henry VIII's six ANNES
Unbeliever INFIDEL
Vagabond TRAMP
Verb ending OSE
Vote by absentee ballot MAILIN
Weak brew NEARBEER
Well-heeled ones HAVES
Where it's all Humphrey all the time? AWORLDOFHUBERT
Wild guess STAB
Willa Cather heroine ANTONIA
Works at the Getty ART
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