How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Sunday Jul 13 2008

"Finally!" ATLAST
"Kidnapped" monogram RLS
"Love ---" MEDO
"Nashville"'s Blakley RONEE
"Speed" setting BUS
"That's --- ask" ALLI
"The Way of the World" playwright CONGREVE
"You're --- talk!" ONETO
--- -jongg MAH
--- barrel OVERA
--- Paulo SAO
1970s Connecticut governor GRASSO
2008 film "--- 's Island" NIM
A month in Madrid ENERO
Bar choice ALE
Bargain setting BASEMENT
Baroque composer sorting things out? BACHPROCESSING
Bashful housemate DOC
Beach dweller? ONENIGHSAND
Belgrade's land SERBIA
Best man, usually TOASTER
Black JET
Bloom bit PETAL
Boring thing SNOOZER
Boulle's eye OEIL
Bounder ROUE
Brings around PERSUADES
Bus. with benefits INS
Cabin makeup LOGS
Caesar's voice VOX
Camus' soul AME
Cartoon tightwad? MISERMAGOO
Cass/Michelle MAMAS
Cassowary cousin EMU
Chart shape PIE
Churchill's successor EDEN
Closet eater? MOTH
Coarse resource ORE
Cold comforters ICEPACKS
Copycat APER
Croons tunes SINGS
Cul-de- --- SAC
DDE's command ETO
Dirty look LEER
Discouraging words on the range? COWBOYBOOS
Disney sci-fi film TRON
Donovan's WWII org. OSS
Dwellings ABODES
Easy stride LOPE
Eva of "CSI: Miami" LARUE
Existence BEING
Explosive letters TNT
Factor or Fleischer of filmdom MAX
Fall mo. OCT
Falls in flakes SNOWS
Father Time prop SCYTHE
Fencing blades EPEES
Flu strain ASIATIC
Galley gear OARS
Garr or Hatcher TERI
Get a mortgage BORROW
Gets back REGAINS
Giant Mel OTT
Gibson's cousin MARTINI
Gold, in Guatemala ORO
Grown-up kids GOATS
Guerrilla Guevara CHE
Guns, in a way REVS
Hawthorne's Prynne HESTER
Herd word MOO
Hook's henchman SMEE
Hoops Hall of Famer Thomas ISIAH
Hotel or cracker name RITZ
Hungarian MAGYAR
Iago was passed over for him CASSIO
In plain view VISIBLE
Indiana player HARRISON
Indonesian ape ORANG
Insert fresh film RELOAD
It took two tablets ARK
Keats' Mermaid, for one TAVERN
Kind of age or number ATOMIC
Lassie, for one COLLIE
Leander's love HERO
Letter from Thessaly ETA
Lurch, to the Addams family SERVANT
Mideast mountain SINAI
Mini-slip? LAPSE
Much the same ALIKE
Narrow valleys GLENS
No-frills downpour? BASICRAINING
Omani money RIAL
Ordinary anklets? COMMONSOCKS
Oscar winner Foster JODIE
Othello's wheels? MOORVEHICLES
Party mix DIP
Passe political appellation REDCHINA
Passover repast SEDER
Pet aisle brand IAMS
Physical lead-in META
Pivotal KEY
Plop or flooey lead-in KER
Portuguese pre-euro unit ESCUDO
Real or absurd ending ITY
Recycling receptacle BIN
Religious councils SYNODS
Rock genre for Thanksgiving? HEAVYMEALMUSIC
Roughly ORSO
Seance sounds RAPS
Sets straight ORIENTS
Sexpert Westheimer DRRUTH
Shrub used in shampoo JOJOBA
Solid choler? WRATH
Sphere or system starter ECO
Sporty Camaro IROC
Sprout canines TEETHE
Squander BLOW
Stages a historic battle REENACTS
Steed or Mrs. Peel AVENGER
Stretch of history EON
Supplication PLEA
Syllable of support RAH
Tennis tournament OPEN
They play GAMERS
Time's sign WEAR
To an abundant degree AMPLY
Tyne or Tim DALY
Under sail ASEA
Use a key on UNLOCK
Watchdog warning GRR
Windows and wallpaper setting DESKTOP
With it HIP
Word after pound or patty CAKE
Wounded or bended follower KNEE
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