How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Sunday Feb 25 2007

"--- and no cattle" (putdown of a poser) ALLHAT
"China Men" author Maxine --- Kingston HONG
"Little" "David Copperfield" girl EMLY
"Really?!" GEE
"Yikes!" EGAD
--- -Cat (Vail vehicle) SNO
--- apart WORLDS
--- of many colors ACOAT
A one and a two THREE
ABC a.m. program GMA
Admission of guilt MEACULPA
Admission receipts GATE
Agile-brained angoras? QUICKGOATS
Allow a compromise BEND
Beethoven's "Archduke," e.g. TRIO
Big-jawed menace CROC
Book, to Braque LIVRE
Bride's backup? SPAREGROOM
Candle or X ending MAS
Capes' cousins MANTLES
Car protectors BUMPERS
Cholecystectomy? GALLOUTEFFORT
Coatrack part PEG
Comedy style STANDUP
Coolidge Dam's river GILA
Course purchase TEXT
Crack wise QUIP
Dark from the sun TAN
Deep-fried dish CROQUETTE
Deli order BLT
Designer label inits. YSL
Dinosaurs-to-be EGGS
DJ's assortment CDS
Donnybrook RIOT
Ersatz eiders DECOYS
Evince ardor ENTHUSE
Extreme abbr. ULT
Fabric store amts. YDS
Fielder's tale? GLOVESTORY
Flu-ish feeling AGUE
Friars Club salute to a sourpuss? GRUMPROAST
Further from casual DRESSIER
Future embryos OVA
Gave the once-over EYED
Godmother, often AUNT
Grafton's "--- for Noose" NIS
Hearing aid EAR
Hip-hoppers Salt-N- --- PEPA
Hosp. areas ERS
In installments ONTIME
Inconsistent ERRATIC
Intuited DIVINED
It blows in France MISTRAL
It comes from the heart PULSE
Kander's "Cabaret" collaborator EBB
Keystone State port ERIE
Landon of 1930s politics ALF
Life in Provence VIE
Litigated SUED
Mandarin tree SATSUMA
Manila envelope features CLASPS
Meal starter? OAT
Meals on wheels servers? CARHOPS
Melodramatic cry AHA
Move smoothly EASE
Movie opening? CINE
Mystery writer's prize EDGAR
Nina of jazz SIMONE
Norwegian dwarves TROLLS
Once around the sun YEAR
One hoping to succeed? PRINCE
Opp. of a Hitchcock title? SSE
Optimistic ROSY
Overly bright, fashionwise LOUD
Oz visitor Dorothy GALES
Pale potable ALE
Pay off PANOUT
Piano trio PEDALS
Play the circuit TOUR
Pool parlors? SPAS
Porthos' pal ARAMIS
Post-Manhattan Project org. AEC
Pulls down EARNS
Put an end to CEASE
Quarterbacks' targets ENDS
React to yeast RISE
Reaction to fancy capework OLE
Read rapidly SKIM
Relatives of -arians ISTS
Rental item TUX
Residence DWELLING
Richard Starkey south of the border? GRINGOSTARR
Robin Hood, for one OUTLAW
Routing preposition VIA
Russian city OREL
Sabbath candleholder MENORAH
Salinger story dedicatee ESME
Self-aggrandized BOASTED
Self-destruct IMPLODE
Sepsis cause GERM
She has lots to show you REALTOR
Skims the surface? SKATES
Snorkel or York SGT
Snorters' quarters STY
Something to shoot for PAR
Sonar sound PING
Sound-stage try TAKE
Speak on bended knee PLEAD
Spirit of Jack Paar? TALKSHOWGHOST
Stash or cache HOARD
Strategy for frisking fools? GROPEADOPE
Sword handle HAFT
Syllable after Da Doo RON
T. Rex's "Bang --- (Get It On)" AGONG
Talk a blue streak? CUSS
Taxpaying laws, for short IRC
Tennis center ENS
Thank God PRAY
They can put you out TAGS
They may be sneaked PEEKS
They often pop up ADS
They're in a red state DEBTORS
Things to crunch ABS
Things to crunch DATA
Tickle pink AMUSE
Time for a spring roll? EASTER
Tolled RANG
Topple from power OUST
Utah flower SEGO
Waikiki attractions BEACHES
Wee, by the Dee SMA
Where E is "erat" QED
White hat wearer CHEF
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