How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Sunday Feb 11 2007

"--- the Loneliest Number" ONEIS
"...for want of ---, the horse..." ASHOE
"April Love" composer Sammy FAIN
"Dr. Zhivago" Oscar composer JARRE
"Metropolis" director Fritz LANG
"Once and Again" star Ward SELA
"Polar Express" extra ELF
"Since --- You, Baby" IMET
"What's in ---?" ANAME
2001 Will Smith role ALI
A winner may break it TIE
According to PER
Aestheticism artist Aubrey BEARDSLEY
Agamemnon's avenger ORESTES
Antiquarian's acquisition RELIC
Architect Saarinen ELIEL
As soloist ALONE
Bars on cars AXLES
Benny Goodman's kingdom SWING
Birdbrain TWIT
Break off END
Campus record holder REGISTRAR
Canadian loonie, e.g. COIN
Certain swans COBS
Chapel in the Vatican SISTINE
Collar, copwise NAB
Coriander kin ANISE
Crater creator IMPACT
Cumberland Gap explorer BOONE
Daily Planet employee LANE
Deposed leaders, often EXILES
Did wrong BETRAYED
Diet buster, often DESSERT
Difficult position SPOT
Dispute ARGUE
Do more than tan BURN
Dow rise GAIN
Drama about spoiled fish? APLAICEINTHESUN
Dukas' apprentice's employer SORCERER
Earl's wife COUNTESS
Eavesdroppers' aids WIRETAPS
Electronics brand TEAC
Emperor Selassie HAILE
Employed a pestle CRUSHED
Equinox mo. SEPT
Eris' brother ARES
False front ACT
Fashion designer Arnold SCAASI
Fish buddies? BASSFRIENDS
Fish order list? CODCATALOGUE
Fish spokespersons? HERRINGVOICES
Fish that sticks around? HANGINGSHAD
Fish's lack LUNG
Fishes' grilling technique? GOODCARPBADCARP
Fishing expedition? SOLESEARCHING
Flemish capital LIEGE
Floppy topper BERET
Follow closely TRACK
Form rainbows ARC
Former Balkan boss TITO
Give --- try ITA
Grassland LEA
Guy in Jamaica MON
Has a bawl? SOBS
Hawaii, on many maps INSET
Heady subject? EGO
Impartiality FAIRNESS
In mess-lessening fashion TIDILY
In the past AGO
Invalidate ANNUL
Ism item TENET
It doesn't take much TREY
It may be found in runes NORSE
It's a chore TASK
It's picked ORE
It's trite and true CLICHE
Job, Joel or Jonah BOOK
Kind of naked STARK
Kind of rind PEEL
Land leaver EMIGRANT
Lawless, like the Wild West WIDEOPEN
Leave speechless AWE
Left port SAILED
Letters after Hillary Clinton DNY
Light-footed SPRY
Like a bikini SCANTY
Like Phoebe on "Friends" DITSY
Lisa Marie's mom PRISCILLA
Live-in animal PET
Lorelei was one SIREN
Make faux pas ERR
Marquis name SADE
Matzo meal SEDER
Memorable comic Martha RAYE
Motivate IMPEL
Native Canadian CREE
Netanyahu's nickname BIBI
New Deal agcy. REA
Non-electric shaver PLANE
One in a DC 100 SEN
Peevish state SNIT
Pen name BIC
Persona non --- GRATA
Place for a stud EAR
Please, in Potsdam BITTE
Rigatoni and rotelli PASTA
Risk tickets SPEED
Sacred scroll TORAH
Sad to say ALAS
Say nolo, say PLEAD
Schmooze CHAT
Shavian monogram GBS
Soames Forsyte's uncle or cousin JOLYON
Some PC sites LAPS
Some summer babies LEOS
St. Paul's designer Christopher WREN
Stars with a belt ORION
Stock dumper BEAR
Stock holder BARN
Strong smell REEK
Supports picketers HONKS
The cost of fishes? PERCHESPRICE
This is one CLUE
Thrice third ONCE
Throw overboard JETTISON
Ticket part STUB
Time beyond measure EONS
Tonto's mount SCOUT
Towers community WATTS
Try the Tokay SIP
Tunisia's Bourguiba HABIB
U.S. mint? SAGE
Unarmed combat JUDO
Vile smile SNEER
Volcanic creation ISLE
Wakefield had one VICAR
Was in the hole OWED
What there oughta be? ALAW
Workers work for them WAGES
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