How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Sunday Feb 08 2009

"--- smile be ..." LETA
"--- the season ..." TIS
"A Loss of Roses" writer INGE
"Canterbury Tales" inn TABARD
"Frasier" family CRANES
"Hiroshima Mon Amour"'s Emmanuelle RIVA
"Illmatic" rapper NAS
"La mer" salt SEL
"SNL" alum Gasteyer ANA
"The Maltese Falcon"'s Mary ASTOR
"The Moldau" composer SMETANA
"Think nothing ---" OFIT
Acid neutralizers ALKALIS
Acid-alcohol compounds ESTERS
Actor Kevin's kin BACONS
Actress Pounder CCH
Aix article UNE
Authentic REAL
Autumn shade OCHER
Bad breath? RALE
Balboa Park institution SANDIEGOZOO
Basic car care OILCHANGE
Battle of Normandy city CAEN
Behind LATE
Bidding BEHEST
Big time ERA
Bitty biter GNAT
Bloke CHAP
Bust --- AGUT
Buzzy abode HIVE
C-worthy AVERAGE
Cellar stock WINE
Clam cousin MUSSEL
College world ACADEME
Column style IONIC
Come as you --- ARE
Como or Lugano LAGO
Corday victim MARAT
Crackerjack ACE
Cressida's love TROILUS
Cupcake cover ICING
Dangle HANG
Daughter of Chaos GAIA
Decisive defeat SHELLACKING
Delhi wraps SARIS
Destroyer, informally TINCAN
Devon river EXE
Director DeMille CECIL
Do business? SALON
Double-check the check RETOTAL
Dunderhead HALFWIT
Econ. yardstick GNP
Einstein's birthplace ULM
Electronic bit SILICONCHIP
Elevated RAISED
Ferry tail STERN
Glitch list ERRATA
Glitz GLAM
Going for the gold? PANNING
Grand Rapids neighbor HOLLAND
Grumblers CRABS
Guarantee ASSURE
Hairstylists' specialties PERMANENTWAVES
Hard wood TEAK
Heartbeat PITAPAT
Hide out LIELOW
Hit-and-run raider COMMANDO
Hodgepodge RAGBAG
Infamous Aldrich AMES
Intuit SENSE
It's a lock DEADBOLT
JPEG relative GIF
Kirk/Hooker player SHATNER
La --- Tar Pits BREA
Larry King's HQ CNN
Light, in Lima LUZ
Like melting snow SLUSHY
Liquid property SURFACETENSION
Little dipper? TOE
MacGraw of "Love Story" ALI
Mag. copy ISS
Marvin or Majors LEE
Might symbol OAK
Minor decline DIP
Mobile setting CRIB
Mongrel CUR
Music's Patti or Jimmy PAGE
Nap sack COT
Oakland team ATHLETICS
Old fashions RETROS
Olympic skater Ilia KULIK
Outback big bird EMU
Palm starch SAGO
Piece of work ERG
Pindar piece ODE
Pirouette TURN
Plugs ADS
Pod occupants PEAS
Point AIM
Post-Easter period WHITSUNTIDE
Prepare to hem PINUP
Program AGENDA
Pub perch BARSTOOL
Quick peek GLANCE
Right on the map EAST
Rocker John ELTON
Sacked out SLEPT
Sauces from juices GRAVIES
Scand. land NOR
Sheer linen TOILE
Shining example PARAGON
Siberian city OMSK
Significance MOMENT
Smashing Pumpkins' James IHA
Soccer star Freddy ADU
Soprano Jenny LIND
Superman, for one ALIEN
Sweet suffix OSE
They're left LIBERALS
Three-player card game SKAT
To fly, in Florence VOLARE
UK honor OBE
Union foe REB
US base abroad, briefly GITMO
Vote for YEA
Wall shelves LEDGES
Weird weather phenomenon ELNINO
Word after straight or straw MAN
Wrench a part SPRAIN
Writer with morals AESOP
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