How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Sunday Aug 30 2009

"--- Little Tenderness" TRYA
"--- that masked man?" WHOWAS
"... lovin' the spin ---" IMIN
"Aren't --- pair?" WEA
"Citizen Kane" estate XANADU
"Runaway" rocker Shannon DEL
"The Big Sleep" sleuth MARLOWE
"You --- Hurry Love" CANT
"Zounds!" EGAD
Actor Firth or Farrell COLIN
Alas, in Passau ACH
Anne or Calvin KLEIN
Ares' sister ERIS
As we speak NOW
Asimov, per his doctorate BIOCHEMIST
Badger NAG
Ball ORB
Barry White, vocally BASS
Bath waterway AVON
Beame and Burrows ABES
Ben Jonson comedy VOLPONE
Big wheel NABOB
Bipartite TWOWAY
Brand of screenwriting MAX
Burkina --- FASO
Calder Cup-awarding org. AHL
Called off ENDED
Camus' soul AME
Cats, often MOUSERS
Caustic, as wit MORDANT
Choose OPT
Clues in BRIEFS
Colossal HUGE
Come together GEL
Comics' Krazy one KAT
Country's Yearwood TRISHA
County hub SEAT
Cut back? LET
DEA agent NARC
Doodled DREW
Espouse ADOPT
Fair features RIDES
Fine-tune ADJUST
First part of quote WORKWILLWAITWHILE
Fish story YARN
Florida's --- Beach VERO
Fourth part of quote RAINBOWWONTWAIT
Frank McCourt title TIS
Gemini twin CASTOR
Going for COSTING
Hall of comedy ARSENIO
Heidi height ALP
Hitchcock blonde Tippi HEDREN
In a frenzy AMOK
Insurance concern LOSS
Intro to Pedro SAN
Isabel or Eva PERON
Jazz great Fitzgerald ELLA
José's huzzah OLE
Just ---, skip and ... AHOP
Kafka character Gregor SAMSA
Kathy Bates' Oscar film MISERY
Last part of quote WHILEYOUDOTHEWORK
Lifted STOLE
Long. crosser LAT
Majestic ROYAL
Make potable DESALT
Marta of "Casbah" TOREN
Massive impasse LOGJAM
Med. specialty ENT
Medium skill ESP
Mertz's tenant RICARDO
Minuscule WEE
Mosque leaders MULLAHS
Mountain ashes ROWANS
Movie Moses HESTON
Movie whale NAMU
Musical's masked man PHANTOM
Mystic ending ISM
Neglected, as a lawn UNKEPT
Netanyahu's nation ISRAEL
New Mexico art center TAOS
North side UNION
Novelist Seton ANYA
One-named folk music great ODETTA
Pants part LEG
Peaceful IRENIC
Pen knife SHIV
Pennsylvania heights POCONOS
Pickle variety DILL
Pinch NAB
Pop goer WEASEL
Pub stock ALE
Quickly buy good buys SNAPUP
Rapping Dr. DRE
Recommended TOUTED
Rescue in 2009 news BAILOUT
Rhoda's mom IDA
Rowena's love IVANHOE
Ruminant's chew CUD
Safecracker YEGG
Sault-Marie center STE
Scraps ORTS
Screen's Peet or Plummer AMANDA
Second part of quote YOUSHOWTHECHILD
Security interest LIEN
Slasher film feature GORE
Slow number ADAGIO
Son of Odin THOR
Spondulicks DOUGH
Spreading through PERMEATING
Staffer AIDE
Stravinsky or Sikorsky IGOR
Sun, to Domingo SOL
Third part of quote THERAINBOWBUTTHE
Tom Jones title DELILAH
Took turns ROTATED
Top-notch AONE
Treasure State capital HELENA
Trotters' venue RACEWAY
Turkey quarters NEST
TV collie LASSIE
Undid a dele STETTED
Up and about ASTIR
USN rank CDR
Walk in water WADE
Windflower ANEMONE
Wise ones SWAMIS
Write-up REPORT
Yemen neighbor OMAN
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