How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Sunday Apr 30 2006

"'Scuse me?" HUH
"--- de coeur" CRI
"...accustomed --- face..." TOHER
"Cool," once HEP
"Don't buy --- in..." APIG
"It's ---" (thumbs-up reply) AGO
"Madam, I'm Adam" addressee EVE
"Not in the picture" CAMERASHY
"Shall We Dance?" star GERE
"Turn Me Loose" singer FABIAN
--- lily CALLA
--- Perot HROSS
19th-c. Scottish explorer RAE
A key st.? FLA
Actors Holm and Richardson IANS
Addams cousin ITT
Ailurophobe's bane CAT
Apple CEO Steve JOBS
Area in an Elvis tune GHETTO
Asgard mischief maker LOKI
Assume as fact POSIT
Aussie English, to Aussies STRINE
Baby branch TWIG
Barry or Robin Gibb BEEGEE
Bread box? ATM
Busted in Vegas? CHIPWRECKED
Caesar's bad day IDES
Call from an aerie? MOUNTAINCHEEP
Can, in Canterbury TIN
Cane cutter MACHETE
Cans, in Canterbury LOOS
Chastity Bono's mom CHER
Composer's closer CODA
Compress, in computerese ZIP
Counties in NY, PA and OH ERIES
Credit for driving people home? RBI
Cutlass kin SABER
Cyberspace "editorially speaking" IMO
Debrett's subject PEERAGE
Dignified older woman DOWAGER
Donne and Bradstreet POETS
Draw on TAP
Dread of encouragement? CHEERTERROR
Dullsville job RUT
Eddie of "Laverne & Shirley" MEKKA
Egg head? OVI
Espionage org. CIA
Explore caves SPELUNK
F in music? LOUD
Granada gold ORO
Green carvings JADES
Hamlet's homeland DENMARK
Hands, in Oaxaca MANOS
Have a good cry BAWL
He works at a high rate USURER
Helicopter of one's own? PERSONALCHOPPER
House Dick, once ARMEY
Immune to small talk? CHATTERPROOF
Intersects MEETS
It'll get you going STIMULANT
It's in your blood SERUM
It's rough stuff ORE
Itty-bitty battery AAA
Jag rival BMW
Knight of rap fame SUGE
Knight's backup PIPS
Ladybug feature SPOT
Laugh lustily ROAR
Leave a little extra TIP
Like Cro-Magnon man ERECT
Like the Six Million Dollar Man BIONIC
LuPone or LaBelle PATTI
Marvel Comics hero THOR
Meteorite's aftermath CRATER
Moisture WETNESS
Moonshine holder JUG
MTM spinoff RHODA
Needed liniment ACHED
New Testament book MATTHEW
Not worth debating MOOT
Of city govt. MUN
Old Testament book PSALMS
Olive stuffer PIMENTO
On --- (active) THEGO
Orpheus' lover EURYDICE
Oscar party attendees CELEBS
Oscar, e.g. STATUETTE
Pangolin's feast ANTS
Pentateuch penner MOSES
Piece of the pie SHARE
Piper's J-3 planes, to most CUBS
Play during the day MATINEE
Play reviewer REF
Poe's pendulum setting PIT
Power jolt SURGE
Practice the "sweet science" BOX
Present day hero? SANTA
Psychics may sense them AURAS
Pyramids, often TOMBS
Quit claiming CEDE
Ray who played Raymond ROMANO
Riverboat propeller STEAM
Road Runner's sound BEEP
Roar at the shore SURF
Running mate? ELOPER
Sausalito's county MARIN
Savage BRUTE
Secret deposits STASHES
Shortwave alphabet ender ZULU
Skyrocket SOAR
Sma' WEE
Sock-in-the-gut sound OOF
Soup thickener ROUX
Spam shelfmate TREET
Sycophant's replies YESES
Tar source PINE
Tenting grounds CAMPS
That group THEY
They take out the garbage SCOWS
Throw off the track DERAIL
Town in Baja LORETO
Try to equal EMULATE
Urban renewal target SLUM
Well again CURED
What 6 may mean JUNE
What rulers hold SWAY
What V may be FIVE
Who, in Hesse WER
Winning smile, perhaps ASSET
Wintry English resort experience? BRITISHCHILLING
Withdrawal from the Newfoundland Bank? COD
Worn-down end NUB
WWII ocean menace UBOAT
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