How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Sunday Apr 20 2008

" ... could --- clock" STOPA
"--- the season ..." TIS
"--- your pain" IFEEL
"Dracula" author Stoker BRAM
"Like --- out of ..." ABAT
"Mogambo"'s Gardner AVA
"The Raven" writer POE
"The Stepford Wives" author Levin IRA
"This means ---!" WAR
"Wish you --- here" WERE
1964 title role for Tippi MARNIE
2007 Michael Moore movie SICKO
Abigail or Ansel ADAMS
About, in dating CIRCA
Actress Wray or Bainter FAY
Antique carved brooch? CAMEOOFAGE
Apt. parts RMS
Ballot exercise ELECTION
Basic bit ATOM
Big I's? EGOS
Big times ERAS
Book blurbs, basically BIOS
Breaks ground PLOWS
Burden ONUS
Burdened TAXED
Buzz Lightyear's movie TOYSTORY
Cambodia neighbor LAOS
Car wash cache RAGS
Centers of stability MAINSTAYS
Ceremony RITE
China's Chou En- --- LAI
City in Dutch STAD
Coalition BLOC
Correct conduct code PROTOCOLS
Cosmo rival ELLE
Creamy cheese BRIE
Dancer Charisse CYD
Day- --- paints GLO
Delhi wear SARI
Diminish WANE
Dirigible BLIMP
Disperse FANOUT
Double-edged IRONIC
Dutch cheese EDAM
Egypt's Mubarak HOSNI
Eliot's Silas MARNER
End the night with a "pole" dance? GOOUTONALIMBO
Expressionless BLANK
Extinct GONE
Extreme Marx brother? RADICALCHICO
Eye, in Versailles OEIL
Feline, to Felipe GATO
Fine alternative JAIL
Fingerprint patterns LOOPS
Firms, for short COS
Flow slowly SEEP
Fresh crop REGROWTH
From Havana CUBAN
Fruity refresher SMOOTHIE
Gave a grimace SCOWLED
German subs UBOATS
Get on board EMBARK
Glimpse LOOK
Govt. probe INQ
Guitar great Jeff BECK
Gumption GUTS
Has a hankering THIRSTS
Hide strips THONGS
Ice cube container TRAY
Ilium's other name TROY
In a slugfest with a Beatle? BOXINGRINGO
Infamous emperor NERO
Knee bend for Nijinsky PLIE
Leibovitz/Lennox ANNIES
Leslie Caron's Best Picture role GIGI
Letter after upsilon PHI
Like a punk kid BRATTY
Long line of Latin dancers? TANGODYNASTY
Los ---, NM ALAMOS
Ludicrous FARCICAL
Mark on a ms. DELE
Mass piece HYMN
Miracle- --- GRO
Montague youth ROMEO
Most subdued TAMEST
Music's Mitchell JONI
Nev. neighbor CAL
NFL coach Don SHULA
Niles's ex on "Frasier" MARIS
No, in Glasgow NAE
Not yet paid OWING
Party throwing a party HOST
Pen name BIC
Perform ACT
Pet invariably named Iggy or Juana? IGUANA
Piano pieces? KEYS
Pitch woo CANOODLE
Poet Wylie ELINOR
Portal GATE
Post- opp. PRE
Preschool ritual NAP
Profusion RIOT
Puff and kin DRAGONS
Punster WIT
Raised, as racehorses BRED
Rug or hair style SHAG
Russian pancakes BLINI
Salamanca citizen SPANIARD
Seine city PARIS
Septic or social starter ANTI
Set electrician GAFFER
Shepard or Dershowitz ALAN
Short races SPRINTS
Sign off on, simply INITIAL
Slow number ADAGIO
Something for the road TAR
Something to aim for TARGET
Speaker of baseball TRIS
Splendid display POMP
Split, or stick CLEAVE
Step for Cynthia Gregory PAS
String section section? CELLODIVISION
Sushi selection EEL
Syllable after car or table HOP
Texas town transplanted across the pond? EUROPEANPLANO
Think over CONSIDER
Tickers PUMPS
Tiger's call? FORE
Trade blockade EMBARGO
Trump BEST
Water under the "pont" EAU
Wide awake ALERT
Women tops at marketing? PROMOQUEENS
Word after dream or double TEAM
Works the wheel STEERS
Wrath IRE
Younger brother? COLE
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