How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Magazine Sep 07 2008

"Explain, please" / Aromatic oils BEALITTLEMORESPECIFIC
"For want of ___ ..." ASHOE
"Give them ___ best" OUR
"Nuts, ___?" AMI
"Oh, great!" / Corrupt THATSALLINEEDTODAY
"Shane' star and others ALANS
"Strike up the band!" HITIT
"Think" singer ARETHA
"This is far as I go, kiddo" / Dingbats YOUREONYOUROWNSON
"Very interesting" ISEE
1598 edict city NANTES
1950s teen idol ANKA
1999 Pierce Brosnan film / A familiar cord? THEWORLDISNOTENOUGH
A word from Fido ARF
A word to Fido SIT
Actor Keach STACY
American help, in headlines USAID
Area prone to flooding, perhaps LOWLAND
Arlen-Mercer classic / Water hazards? COMERAINORCOMESHINE
Aspiring MD's course ANAT
Babes in the woods NAIFS
Baker's need YEAST
Beauty pageant wear SASH
Behold, to Brutus ECCE
Bert's buddy ERNIE
Bit player EXTRA
Blue hue CYAN
Boy with a bow EROS
By yourself ALONE
Caltech, for ex. INST
Candy since 1927 PEZ
Canine on a case ASTA
Chopin work NOCTURNE
Citrus peels ZESTS
Color TV pioneer RCA
Constitution lead-in USS
Copier tray abbr. LTR
Criticize harshly LASHINTO
Criticizes harshly SCATHES
Cynic's comment IBET
Daylight Saving Time ignorer ARIZONA
Deals (out) METES
Desktop choice IMAC
Detective's question WHO
Drink to excess TOPE
Essen's valley RUHR
Exam instruction? SAYAH
Eye-fooling sights MIRAGES
Feinting, e.g. TACTIC
Fidel's brother RAUL
First Olympic gymnast to receive a 10 COMANECI
Flooring installers TILERS
Frame works? ART
Free-drink line / Cap's place THISONESONTHEHOUSE
GM's main European subsidiary OPEL
Grimm offering TALE
Has way too much of, slangily ODSON
Helpful tips HINTS
High-priority RUSH
Homer's hangout MOES
Homer's neighbor NED
Homeward, to Lewis and Clark EAST
Hostess snacks HOHOS
I love, to Ovid AMO
Instrument-tray locs. ORS
Inter or non add-on COMS
Intl. org. since '48 OAS
Jargon ending ESE
Leaf of a calyx SEPAL
Like Mozart's music TONAL
Like some fish OILY
Little hombre NINO
Living in Fla., maybe RET
Lock ___ (track) ONTO
Logos and such: Abbr. TMS
Loss leader? ATA
Lot sight CAR
Mazda rival SUBARU
Mel's Diner waitress FLO
More ___ ORLESS
Muesli morsel OAT
Name in Indy lore UNSER
New Jersey city near a prison RAHWAY
Not long. LAT
Oil emirate Abu ___ DHABI
Olden ointment NARD
One and only SOLE
One who's beyond belief? ATHEIST
Org. of firing fame NRA
Out of the office and then some ABROAD
Outcomes of some summits TREATIES
Pack firmly TAMP
Pahrump's st. NEV
Pangolin's treat ANT
Part of America's hotel landscape RAMADAS
Polish partner SPIT
Pres. who wintered in Key West HST
Put into words VOICED
Raw tramful ORE
Repair MEND
Rocky Lane did his voice MRED
Royal Indian RANI
Rte. thru El Paso ITEN
Self starter? AUTO
Sequel's sequel III
She, to a gondolier ESSA
Short, shortened LIL
Shortstop Vizquel OMAR
Sighed words AHME
Singer Sumac YMA
Snipped out EXCISED
Some babywear BOOTEES
Sot's woe DTS
Soviet space program SOYUZ
Spanish 101 verb ESTA
Start of a serial PARTI
Storm's dir., maybe NNE
Susan's Emmy role (finally) ERICA
The Dixie Chicks, e.g. TRIO
Tic-tac-toe loser OXO
Under ___ OATH
Up from Mejico NORTE
Update the machinery RETOOL
Valiant-effort words ITRIED
Veto NIX
Visit a spell STOPONIN
Wet bar? SOAP
What often goes untold / Starting gaits? (see Notepad for instructions) THERESTOFTHESTORY
Where Robert Louis Stevenson died SAMOA
Words after "welcome" in a Mickey Mouse Club song ASCANBE
Worthless OFNOUSE
___ Jima IWO
___ Perot HROSS
___ witness STAR
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