How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Magazine Nov 18 2007

"I'm just ___ again, doin' what I did again" AKID
"If old man 'skeeta light on me, He ain't gonna ___" FLYNOMORE
"Isn't ___ little old for her?" HEA
"Many moons ___" AGO
"That ___ say ..." ISTO
"What more can ___?" ONEASK
"___ Entertain You" LETME
Actor Mineo SAL
Actor Sharif OMAR
Actress Arthur BEA
Actress Patricia NEAL
Actress Sandra DEE
Anemone's home SEA
Another 48 ___ HRS
Backtalk SASS
Barbie's guy KEN
Bart, to Homer SON
Baseball execs: abbr. GMS
Baseball's Tony or Alejandro PENA
Bird or baseball player ORIOLE
Bloody Mary's last name TUDOR
British brewer James WATNEY
Buffoon OAF
Chick's mom HEN
City in S Thailand (anagram of GRANT) TRANG
City in Wisconsin RACINE
Co. whose interactive "countdown" quiz games have been a fixture of bars and restaurants since 1985 NTN
Coal byproduct TAR
Columbo et al.: Abbr. LTS
Comic-strip artists' org. NCS
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Crooner Bobby VEE
Dadaist painter Jean ARP
Dallas matriarch, Miss ___ ELLIE
Dined at a diner, e.g. ATEOUT
Do a second lawn job RESEED
Ellington's "Take the ___" ATRAIN
Enter a Pillsbury contest BAKE
EPCOT's city, to Amtrak ORL
Escargots SNAILS
Exhibit, as pictures HANG
Expires DIES
Explosive stuff TNT
Favorite PET
Figure skater Baiul OKSANA
Flower ring LEI
Funny Louis of early TV NYE
Giraffe cousins OKAPIS
Glob suffix ULE
Go fetch GET
Going-public stock price: abbr. IPO
Gore and co. ALS
Greenback DOLLAR
Had a session MET
Hard to fathom DEEP
Hawaiian goose NENE
Hertz rival AVIS
High card ACE
Hubbub ADO
Husband-to-be FIANCE
Imagine, slangily SPOSE
Iron Butterfly's 1960s record label ATCO
Island greeting ALOHA
Japanese gateway TORII
Jerry Lewis film set in Japan, The ___ Boy GEISHA
Josh Groban tune INHEREYES
Julia of movies RAUL
Leap for 97 Across AXEL
Less kind MEANER
Let go by, as an opportunity PASSUP
Loafer, for one SHOE
Loretta Lynn portrayer SPACEK
March time IDES
Mediocre SOSO
Miner's strike ORE
Mongrel CUR
Musical instrument that's struck with a padded hammer GONG
National Park in Maine ACADIA
Neither follower NOR
New Age singer from Ireland ENYA
North Carolina university (anagram of NOEL) ELON
North Pole worker ELF
Of a Mongolian range ALTAIC
On ___ (excavating) ADIG
Opp. dir. of a Hitchcock film SSE
Orange coat? RIND
Pampering: abbr. TLC
Parent co. of Universal MCA
Pastrami palace DELI
Peaceful poem IDYL
Peacock Channel's all-news network MSNBC
Peer Gynt's mom AASE
Printed matter TEXT
Put into cipher ENCODE
Queens, in Spanish REINAS
Region AREA
Sailors' assents AYES
Schindler portrayer NEESON
See 29 Down CHI
Shade tree ELM
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Singer Edith PIAF
Singing brother-turned-actor EDAMES
Stars, in Kansas's motto ASTRA
Summer ermine STOAT
Surgery memento SCAR
Swan lady LEDA
Tirade RANT
Too thin GAUNT
Top group ATEAM
Travel guide MAP
Turf SOD
TV horse MRED
TV watchdog FCC
U.N. diplomat: abbr. AMB
Vietnam's Le Duc ___ THO
Weapon in a silo ICBM
With -mate, an artificial sweetener CYCLA
With 47 Down, a martial art form TAI
Writer Anita LOOS
Yes, to Yves OUI
___ a kite HIGHAS
___ angle (tilted) ATAN
___ bender ONA
___ letters (scholarly types) MENOF
___ spot INA
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